#MondayMotivation In all your Building, Build Confidence!

My 'Quote of the Day' was from tennis player, Sloane Stephens and it is up on my Instagram now.
She basically says if you have confidence you can do anything and I have to concur!

I was thinking the other day of how sometimes even when it comes to fashion, confidence is key. I mean, how does Rihanna get away with her experimental sense of style? Because she is bad ass, and because she is confidence.

Confidence, where not innate, can be difficult to build. It requires a good blend of 'F what they say' and learning to listen. Confidence is being stubborn enough to not give up on what you believe, turning stumbling blocks into stepping stones and never staying down nor stagnant.

If like me, you struggle sometimes, there are some things that help
- Look good!
This is not about being shallow. If what you wear fits you well and you put your head up straight, you will automatically be more assured than if your clothes are loose fitting.

- Replace negative thoughts with the positive.
Instead of what you can't do or should not have done, think of the great things you do! When you have doubts, be realistic but think happy thoughts.

- Talk to yourself
Not on a bus o! Ehen.
When you can, just speak to yourself with your confidence confessions. A lot of battles are mental, give yourself that mental boost!

- Prepare
Research and read up on what you have to do so that when you do do it, it is with confidence.
If you are not well prepared say to present in your class or office, your confidence will go down the drains. When you feel 100 percent ready, you will be more confident already.

I hope this helps and do s.h.a.r.e what you do to boost your confidence with me in the comments.

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