Don't you just love Mondays? lol If not for anything, at least for the fresh feeling it brings. I like to think of Mondays as life's way of presenting us with another opportunity to lead a better life so be sure to embrace today!

This Monday, who better to crush on than someone who has achieved several feats in the Nigerian Media industry.Our MCM is Nigerian radio and television personality, IK Osakioduwa. He's an OAP at Rythm FM and he has hosted renowned TV shows like The Voice Nigeria and Big Brother Africa. Despite scaling such great heights, he's still not stopping and at this point, I must mention how willing IK is to help aspiring media personalities get to the top. To this end, he hosts a free, mentorship program (The IK talks) quarterly, to help assist industry newbies.What's not to love about IK?

It is definitely a big honour to have him as our MCM. Enjoy and learn ;)

1)     You’ve hosted many of the biggest shows in Nigeria, how have you been able to distinguish yourself in the media industry?

Well when it comes down to it, I’d say it’s based on my work ethic. I work hard. I’m ready to put in the work required to get the job done excellently.

Many people want success but are not ready to put in the work required to achieve the success. Many people would like to be famous and successful on TV but how many of them are willing to work 18 hour days?

Also, I choose to keep it real at all times. I never get caught up in the hype. I choose to remain teachable and embrace criticism.

2)     You’re a radio personality, what do you love most about being on radio?
Being a Radio Presenter is great. I love how casual the job can be. You get to ride in people's cars on their way to and from work. You get to hang out with people while they cook, work, travel or simply lie in bed. You get to share opinions and views with people from all walks of life. And you can do all of that while dressed in jeans and a T Shirt.

Also, the guy on the radio is always considered a friend. Someone you can trust with your secrets. So we get to share and hear the deepest darkest secrets of people who listen to us. It feels great to be reposed with such trust.

3)     What’s your most favourite international TV (talk) show?

I really like Ellen DeGeneres. She feels like a radio presenter; casual, fun and easy to be with. I also like that she dances a lot and reserves the right to be totally random and not too regimented by a format.

4)     If you could change something in the Nigerian media industry, what would it be?

Oh! I would sanitize the industry a little bit. Right now, quite a number of people see the media industry as an escape from decent education. I don’t think that should be the case at all. So if I could change something, I’d remove all the people who are in media simply because they refuse to take on the rigour of other professions or education itself. And I’d leave only the people who are passionate about working in media. I’d leave only the guys who are willing to work hard.

I’d also remove everyone with a fake accent and bad English from TV and Radio. In truth, I don’t believe you should work in media if you can’t speak properly. And please don’t get me wrong, speaking properly does not mean speaking English. You can speak Yoruba, Hausa or any other language but speak properly. Don’t fake an accent. Don’t promote pretense.

5)     One quirky thing about you that people aren’t quick to believe is that…….?

I love to sit in my boxers while I watch TV at home. I’m a semi nudist. I think all my neighbours, friends and friend's spouses have seen me in my boxers. I just feel absolutely no need to dress up when I’m at home.

6)     What piece of advice will you give anyone trying to chase a career in the media industry?

Don’t get blinded by the lights. It’s so easy to get caught up in the hype of a showbiz career. But always remember that the word ‘showbiz’ is made up of two words: SHOW and BUSINESS. Be sure to be doing the business aspect effectively and you will ALWAYS have the SHOW element.

 If however, all you concern yourself with is the SHOW aspect (a.k.a “Doing it for The Gram”), you will quickly find yourself broke and unemployed.

You see, entertainment and media can be like sports. After the initial years of really hard work, it starts to pay you a lot better. But then how long is the career of the average sportsman. Most sporting careers are over before 40. Why? Because someone younger and fresher shows up. Similarly in media, younger and fresher people will show up. That’s why you have to understand the BUSINESS of media. That will be the investment that will protect you when you are not as fresh as the new kids. And that is what will ensure that you always get paid.

7)     What’s on your mind this Monday?

I don’t have a very typical “Monday Mind”. Very often I’m recuperating from a hectic working weekend, so I take Monday for myself. I make sure I cater to my own desires. So you would often find me watching movies on a Monday. But this Monday, I’m full of thought. I have a new TV show I’m working on. And getting TV shows right takes a great deal of planning. So that’s what’s on my mind right now.

Also I’m working on the radio, this evening, so I’m trying to plan my radio show for tonight.

That's it guys!
Stay inspired

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