How Staying in the Moment can Hurt

If there's one thing we may not do well, it's this staying in the moment thing.
The idea is to be present in the moment you're in and not worry about what's coming an hour later or bothered by what happened an hour before.

Now that's sound advice.  It's great advice people!  Stay in the moment.

There's a balance needed.

Ever gone for a party and eaten everything on offer then had to battle a stomach ache all night long?

We may forget that things we do, say and eat (or not do, say and eat)  have an effect on us; effects we may not notice till later.  Like how not sitting properly when we were younger means battling back problems now or road rage biting us in the behind later.

Living in the moment is great but be sure to make your present full of benefits.
What do you think?

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