Hope we're all doing very well? Today seems like such a chill day and I know the week is going to be super productive for us! One name that has always fascinated me in the music industry is 'Sess the problem kid' and seeing that I'm low-key a sucker for good beats and rap music, I was quick to realise that Sess actually has some really unique beats. Take time out to listen to many of Falz songs,you'll understand what I mean.

Anyway, the talented Artiste and Producer is our MCM today. Ladies and gentle men, I present to you Salami Oluwasesan Abass AKA Sess, the problem kid!

Hi Sess!

1)         So how did your career in beat making begin, what’s the story?

SESS: Music production for me was simply out of necessity. I started out as an artist (Still is) , but I began to make beats for myself because I couldn’t afford to buy. Somewhere along the line , I figured I was pretty good at it! However , Professionally, I (together with my business partner) , decided to start out as a producer because we believed it was strategically a better move at that period in time . I’m definitely excited about the next step of my career , which is showing off my artist side .

2)         You’re also an artiste, who is one person you’d really love
to work with? 
SESS: As an artiste I would really like to work with Chris Brown

3)         If anybody had told you years ago that you’d make money
from making beats, you would say…… (and why)

SESS: To be honest , money was never really the MAIN motivation for me. Don’t get me wrong , of course I wanted to make money off music, but at that time , it was mainly just getting heard and simply creating . That was my priority. So my answer then would have been  “Oh cool” lol .

4)         How do you get inspired to make your beats?

SESS: Music is very personal for me and it’s an expression of my feelings and emotion. So for me to create, I need to understand how I feel and recreate that into sounds . I think that’s why my music is always different and “weird”

5)         What's something you love to do outside of work?
SESS: Nothing really lol . For me work is hobby. And I rarely go out . So maybe Computer Games and some reading. I’m actually thinking of joining a martial art class soon.

6)         What's something about you people aren’t usually quick to believe?
 People find it hard to believe I’m a lawyer and that I practiced for a while before going into music.

7)        What piece of advice to someone trying to make it in the Entertainment industry?

SESS: You have to do the work. There are no shortcuts. Believe in your magic and work very hard and smart. Keep getting better . The world needs your magic . 

8)         What’s on your mind this Monday?
SESS: My album.. That’s what’s on my mind . It’s almost ready and I just can’t wait for the world to listen to it!!! 

That's it guys!
Enjoy ;)

PS: You can check out some of his free beats here: He's a (musical) beast!

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