Happy Wednesday peeps!
Our WCW has me super pumped today. Frankly speaking, I can't understand how she works so hard and still has enough time to have fun I guess this quote holds true that:
Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life-Confucius

Today , we are crushing on the beautiful and ever vibrant Tomike Alayande she's an actor (Tanya of Jenifa's diary, whom my mum loves dearly by the way!). She's a Host on Ebonylife TV and an entrepreneur. Tomike makes it look so easy, but you can still see all the hard work and passion that goes into what she does. Of course, I had to find out how she does it all and she was more than willing to share. Enjoy ;) 

1)     You're an actor, radio presenter, TV presenter, how do you balance being all three?

The hustler in me ensures I find a way to maximize my talent without wasting any of it. To be honest, things just seem to align for me . Even the Bible says all things work together for good ...😅 I try as much as possible not to let my events clash so I don’t disappoint clients but I’m such a hustler I can take several events on the same day, work it out and make sure everyone is happy 😅😅

2)     You’ve achieved so much at such a young age, what three things would you say have helped you on your journey?

TOMIKE: 1- God- Not trying to sound cliche but the way grace speaks for me all the time amazes me! Almost all the jobs I’ve done so far hasn’t been my doing. In this industry you’ll realize there are a million and one talented people just like you( or even better )out there. When some clients reach out to me I know it’s just God and the good work I’m doing. At times I’m like “who am I to be this favored in the midst of a million and one talented individuals “ I bless God !

2-My Mother - She’s my support system! In terms of prayers, I don’t pray quarter as much as that woman prays for me. She’s there when things aren’t going well and also there to celebrate with me when things work out well. I’m also blessed with family friends that have my back anytime any day! It’s truly a blessing.

3-My Hardwork and Consistency

I love my job and it makes working hard easier because I enjoy what I’m doing. I might just be arriving from a trip 7am today and I’m supposed to go home to rest but even my bosses know if you call me at that 7am for an emergency job that’s 8am same day, Tomike will be willing to do the job. I’ll work it out, as long as my schedule permits. I’m always ready and excited to work! Only passion can make one do such without complaints or grumbling.

3)     Before the camera comes on,you…..

TOMIKE: Hahahahaha most times I actually dance and feel at ease. I’m very playful 😅😅

4)     Many say presenting is nerve wracking, does that hold true for you and if yes, how do you deal with nerves before getting on stage?

TOMIKE: It’s hard to believe it is because it’s something that’s a talent for me. I haven’t actually gone to any school to train yet (although I intend to do that soon). I want to believe If something is for you, it won’t be entirely nerve wracking. Just like if you’re a talented singer, you won’t find it nerve wracking to open your mouth and blow minds away! But if it’s not in you naturally, it would definitely be nerve wracking.

Yes there are moments while presenting that I get a bit nervous. It’s totally normal but I don’t let it affect my presentation. Looking at me, you wouldn’t even believe if I told you I was nervous because I’ll be wearing my brightest and most confident smile 😅 Such moments are actually when I’m about to go on a big stage in front of a crowd I’m probably not used to.  I remember the first time I interviewed Her Excellency, The First Lady of the Federal Republic of Nigeria- Aisha Buhari, I was nervous! I had no idea she was coming for that event. There and then on the red carpet , they said , Tomike the First Lady is coming, are you ready? I’m like excuse me, say what!??😂😂 . But yes, in less than five minutes, she arrived and if you watch that interview, you’ll think I had prepared all week for it! Lol. Standing right next to dignitaries on the red carpet could make one nervous while presenting because you’re trying to think of questions and at the same time you’re trying to introduce them appropriately without making mistakes. It’s easier if it’s a studio interview because you probably get a TelePrompter or a notepad with all your questions and the proper introduction but the red carpet is all about thinking on the spot and I’ve come to love it!

In terms of dealing with the nerves, I basically smile through it and tell myself it’s just gonna be like every other interview I aced. I also try to get my guests to laugh. That way, we’re both relaxed and we feel more connected which makes my job easier.

5)     What’s your favourite international talk show?

TOMIKE: The Ellen DeGeneres Show! You just gotta love Ellen!

6)       If you could go back in time, what piece of advice would you give to yourself -5 years ago?

TOMIKE: I’ll tell myself to start a business earlier . Say at 16 years.

7)       What’s on your mind this Wednesday?
TOMIKE: Assurance o! Hahah ,just kidding. Right now, I’m working on my business ideas and trying to make extra cash! Na money be fine sisi 😅😅

LOL, Thanks for being our WCW Tomike ;)

That's it guys,
Stay Inspired ;)

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