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ON BEING PASSIONATE:" I’m always ready and excited to work!  I’ll work it out, as long as my schedule permits. Only passion can make one do such without complaints or grumbling."

ON CONTENT CREATION: "Know your audience. I remember when I spent a lot of time and effort creating a beautiful almond and banana bread recipe for a lifestyle blog. It was a gorgeous shoot and the pictures turned out amazing. The post got really low views and I wondered why no one was engaging with the post. Turns out my audience was more of a seafood okra kind of audience. Nobody wanted to know how to make almond and banana bread. Before you create content - ask yourself - 'who am I talking to'? Define who your audience is and create content you know they will find useful."

ON STAYING ENCOURAGED: "I say this to myself all the time, Cuppy, keep chasing your dreams, inspiring others, changing the rules”. 5 years ago when I was 20, I certainly would have been doubting myself asking questions about if I was going in the right direction and if I had what it took. Being where I am now, I would encourage myself to keep pushing.

ON CREATING OPPORTUNITIES: "You create the opportunities for yourself. I have months where I don’t earn a dime and to be honest there’s nothing you can do that’s the life of a freelancer. In life there are seasons. Dry and Wet. So you use the seemingly dry period to re-strategize, unwind, come up with ideas, call whomever you need to remind of your services and basically just make sure your seasons are almost always wet."

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