Hi guys, HAPPY WEDNESDAY. Hope you had lots of fun yesterday? It was worker's day!
There's an uber amazing, multi-talented lady who is a content creator, producer, editor and storyteller (so many hats, hehe) and that's why she's our WCW today. There's a lot to learn from her today, especially if you're a content creator! Enjoy my short chat with the amazing Nicole Asinugo ;)

1) You have worked as a copywriter, editor and producer. What struggles did you face embracing these non-traditional careers in a society that leans towards the typical 'lawyer' and 'doctor' roles?

I actually studied law as my first degree. Lol. I wasn’t necessarily forced by my parents but I was definitely encouraged. My dad used to call me his lawyer anytime I would argue. I talked a lot and so everyone just assumed I would be a lawyer. Thinking about it now, I really don’t know what the correlation between being talkative and law is but… yeah. Very quickly into my law degree, I knew it wasn’t for me. It was boring to me and it really didn’t come easily like classes I excelled at in secondary school (history, literature, politics etc). However, I stuck with it, graduated and went to law school as every good Nigerian student who studied law should do. But after I got called to the bar, I hung up the wig for good.

I have always had a passion for writing so I decided to go to London School of Journalism to explore that. After that I came back to Nigeria and did my NYSC at Channels Television. Very quickly on, I realized journalism wasn’t for me either. It was too serious and I really didn’t have a passion for covering the news. I decided I wanted to write about fun things, something that let me be creative. So, I applied for a job at an Advertising agency and started my career as a junior copywriter. It was the first time I felt like I was doing something that I was good at and I enjoyed. I guess the main struggle I had was not really knowing what career opportunities there were aside from the traditional roles our parents and schools led us to believe were the only/best options.

2)     You’d like to write a book about……..
NICOLE:  Men. Nigerian men. It will be the book that never ends.

3)     Please tell us three things you do that help you get bomb ideas?
NICOLE: 1) Create mood boards. I use Tumblr mostly to curate dope images I find on the internet. I have folders dedicated to fruit, the color pink, afro futurism, baskets… whatever I find visually appealing usually sparks something inside me and gives me a good idea.

2) Research. If I’m creating a story for a brand, I need to research whatever my theme is. I look on the internet mostly and just read random bits of information and collate things I think are important.

3) Writing things down. I am a serial doodler. I write in between lines, in circles, I draw (albeit badly), I write every single thing I’m thinking down and an idea usually pops up somewhere.

4)     What’s the best advice you’ve ever received/heard concerning content production?
NICOLE: Hmm… I don’t think anyone really aver advised me about creating content. I really just taught myself. But if I could advise anyone. I would say. Know your audience. I remember when I spent a lot of time and effort creating a beautiful almond and banana bread recipe for a lifestyle blog. It was a gorgeous shoot and the pictures turned out amazing. The post got really low views and I wondered why no one was engaging with the post. Turns out my audience was more of a seafood okra kind of audience. Nobody wanted to know how to make almond and banana bread. Before you create content - ask yourself - 'who am I talking to'? Define who your audience is and create content you know they will find useful.

source: Ndanitv
5)     What’s one thing you hope to have done by the time you’re 50?

NICOLE: By the time I'm 50, I would like to have gotten married, had kids and grand kids. Won an Oscar for best screen play, have a few bestselling novels and have really long natural hair that's completely grey. Oh... you said one thing :)

6)     Who’s one person (dead or alive) you wish you could meet now and why?
NICOLE: Oprah. Why? It’s OPRAH. And maybe Fela. Actually, I would choose Fela over Oprah. Why? It's FELA.

7)     Some (female) writers you’re crushing on today are…....
NICOLE:  Tomi Adeyemi. Author of Children of Blood and Bone. She’s a 24-year-old Nigerian American and has a seven figure book and movie deal. Dollars o, not naira. Lol.

8)     What’s on your mind this Wednesday?
NICOLE:  I live in Dubai now. Thursday is the last day of the week. Wednesday is very close to Thursday. This means I survived another week and the weekend is finally here. Also, that I’ve never been anyone’s ‘WCW’ so thanks for the much needed self esteem boost!

 *Nicole recently left her position at Ndani TV. She now works as a Storyteller and Content Curator for Expo 2020 Dubai. She is writing her first novel and hopes to get published in 2019.

That's it guys
Stay inspired!

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