E ye ye ye *In Wizkid's voice*

I'm not too sure Wizkid still uses that line in his songs but we can definitely remember when that sound was his signature.

 Our MCM is someone who continues to achieve great feats in the entertainment industry and so who better to crush on today than Nigerian superstar singer and songwriter, Ayodeji, Ibrahim Balogun Better known as Wizkid?

Now hold on, no, I didn't interview him (that will happen some day soon btw) but I have read a lot about him and I thought, 'Oh why not share some inspiring lessons I've learnt just from studying him and his lifestyle? So here you go. Enjoy and share with me some of your lessons ;)


1) GET OUT-No, not the movie and no, not literally. So everyone talks about how terrible Nigeria is forgetting that Nigeria has also  produced world changers in different fields.  I agree that Nigeria may not be the most thriving environment, but hey! there are people who have gone against all odds to still achieve; one of whom is Wizkid. Wizkid worked his way out of mediocre, negative thoughts  so we should get out of the negativity as well. We should rise above those voices that keep telling us "Nigeria isn't good enough", "you can't make it in Nigeria'.

I'm thankful because all the hard work and sacrifices were worth it in the end. WizKid

source: thewillnigeria

2) WORK HARD- You know this had to come on the list right? It's so cliche I'm not even going to say much at this point. There's a new song from Wizkid practically every month, some fans can barely even keep up. Of course, he's spending nights in the studio making all those hits, while, of course, still finding time to attend concerts,promotions,tours and much more.

3)DREAM BIG- Lastly, don't forget to dream big. It's where you are going that matters not where you're coming from. Your dreams are valid!!!

I always dreamed of making it big.-Wizkid

That's it guys,
Stay inspired,

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