You will Never Win if you Never Compete...

Morning people,
I just recently wrapped up another #TosynBucknorDaily Giveaway and it was lit!

It was so impromptu that the success has me going like, "Wow, there is something here!"
While running it though, I came across 3 kinds of people and that inspired this post.

The first set of people saw the competition and quickly entered.
They went for it, took a chance and I am guessing probably one or more of these ones won because
- they got in earlier
- put themselves out there by asking other people to help like their posts
- probably had fun with it.

The other set hesitated. I got a few comments like, "Should I bother? But I do not have many followers" etc.
Hesitating to consider things is not wrong. You can always sit down and consider the options but from this set, a few joined the first set and went for it, but majority went in for the other set. The one below.

The third set either started off like the second but decided to give in to their fears, doubts and cynicism. They decided not to go for it. Some others immediately pointed out the flaws in the competition and kept asking us to change the rules. In the end, they did not enter.

In all of these three sets of people I learnt something.

From the first set, I learnt that you truly miss a 100% of the shots you do not take. Instead of never competing and therefore never winning, once in a while, take the first step and like Nike, do it!

From the second set, I learnt the value of thinking and weighing my options. Not every-time act first; sometimes think, plan then execute. It is not that they did not have fears or doubts, it is just that those who still went for it, did it, INSPITE OF. And is that not what we are always taught? To do things INSPITE of our fears and anxiety?

From the final set, I learnt the danger of removing myself from a situation without even trying.
When you have nothing to lose (the competition simply required a repost with the winner being chosen based on likes and as such would cost nothing), why not go for it? If you remove yourself from every game, how can you ever play to win?

What do you think?

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