#TBDaily x Healthy Eating: My Daily Plan

So I once wanted a flatter stomach. This was a few years ago.
No I still don't have one.

But because I did not want to diet nor work out, I decided I'd eat better. Emphasis on eat. I'm still drinking every fizzy sugary drink man makes... And some wine. Blame the French.

So I started this thing where I would take tea in the morning (at 5am), eat a biiiig meal at 12pm, drink tea at 4pm and then dinner at 6pm.

While my stomach still looks like a football, I noticed three things

- I dropped one or two clothe sizes
- I generally felt better
- my skin loves me!

Lately though, I have started getting really hungry between 3 and 4pm. The danger with that is if I snack, then I think I'm full, but then I get hungry at 7 or 8pm. And that means eating too close to bed time.

A solution is to enjoy something healthy. Now I do fruits just before my tea if the hunger is really bad and it helps. Today, thanks to "Healthy and Natural" , I had a salad. It was delish.

Sipping my tea as I send this in and thankful for little things.


OPINION TIME! Men, would you carry a baby? Ladies, should they?

A few weeks ago, a Cleveland Clinic announced that it will be performing Uterus Transplant Surgery on women who were born without wombs or whose uterus were no longer working properly due to diseases and other factors.

So of course, curious people started to wonder- if science can give women wombs, can it also give men? Well according to a director at Keck School of Medicine, YES!


Dear friends, what do you guys think?
To the guys reading this; would YOU be willing to carry your own baby? And ladies,  would you let your partner carry your kid instead? Talk to me!


#TBDaily x #MondayMotivation And never let go

My cousin and I had a chat this Sunday. About music and entertainment in Nigeria mainly. Just like I have convos with my sister, I shd do convos with my cousin. It's always fun chatting with him cos he has an opinion (informed) about EVERYTHING. And one.


I told him that what I wish most is that 6 years ago when I had the choice between full time radio or my music right after NYSC, I should have done music.

(P.s, check out my album on soundcloud.

See back then my music was termed 'weird', 'different', 'won't sell' and everything but good. I was frustrated. I remember going to record with a producer when I was in school and every one from the owner of the studio to random people at the studio discouraged me.

I shouldn't have listened. But if I am to be honest, it shook me a lot. Then of course after service I got my job at Top Radio 90.9.

Radio and Music seem complementary but if you do one, the other suffers. Check out every radio personality that has music out. Music always feels like a side hustle. Music demands things we can't give it if we are 'cheating' with other things. Like when someone tries to keep their bank job but still make music- it hardly works.

My cousin firmly believes I made the right choice though. He thinks I've done so well with entertainment / media and that music is such a gamble that it could have gone either way.

Who knows. Life doesn't offer us a sliding door where we can see how different our lives would have been if we turned left instead of right.

But I still do my music. When I can.

In my head I'm going to focus.
Either way I will tell you now- if you have the passion and drive for something and it won't let you go, don't let it go either!

#4pminLagos Alanis Morisette updates 'ironic' for Social Media age

If you have ever had a conversation with me about music, you will know how highly i rate Alanis Morisette. So imagine my delight when i stumbled on this hilarious video of her performing 'Ironic' with some new lyrics. Lol.
It was on 'The Late Late Show with James Corden' and i think they both killed it.


#ShopTosyn x #OOTD Casual Chic Conference Style!

What do you do when you have work in the morning and a press conference right after?

You rock clothes that work!

My simple fit for it was this free shirt and a skirt. I cheated though and put a change of shoes in the car.

Shirt: Store bought
Skirt: Store bought
Shoes: Sekinah Gallery (Complimentary)
Make Up: IDazzle (Complimentary)


#TBDaily x Picture of the Day: Caitlyn and Kris Jenner together...

It is usually awkward when you bump into your ex, at an event, but imagine bumping into your exx who is now the same gender as you?

For the first time since their divorce and Caitlyn's transition, Kris Jenner Caitlyn have finally been papped in public together and this was at the Victoria Secret Runway Show.

Both of them look great and i am just glad their outfits are different so i don't have to ask,,who wore it better!


#TBDaily x #Event Mavin Records concert this Christmas!!!

I can tell you guys for sure now- December is going to 'be lit'. As the cool kids first.

If you're spending your Christmas in Lagos, then pencil 23rd down for a night with the Mavins as earlier on today at InterContinental Hotel, Don Jazzy, Dr Sid, D'Prince, Dija and Reekado Banks made the announcement.

Tiwa Savage and Korede Bello were unavoidably absent but the former gave a statement expressing her joy.
"I can't wait to thrill my fans at the concert and appreciate them for all their goodwill messages during my sojourn to motherhood. It's going to be exciting performing on stage with my label colleagues and I just can't wait.”

Gbemi Olateru-Olagbegi moderated the event where Dr Sid explained why three years after its inception, foremost music label Mavin Records is now holding a special concert.
"Our fans have always been here for us through thick and thin. Without them, there will be no Mavin Record Label or Don Jazzy or Dr. Sid. What could be a better way to appreciate their loyalty over the years than this?"

Don Jazzy has promised there will be live performances and special surprise appearances, plus, to answer the safety question on everyone's lips, high level of security.
I asked Di'ja and Reekado Banks how they, being two of the new kids on the block, felt and they both said they were excited and can't wait to 'bring it' for the fans.

Honestly, neither can I!
I am curious, other than the Mavins, which other artistes would you like to see perform at the Mavin Concert?


#TBDaily x #ThingsTosynLoves Joe covers Adele

I was randomly checking instagram out on Sunday when i stumbled on Joe's cover of Adele's "Hello". Yes. Joe of "I Wanna Know" and "Good Girls".

I love Adele's version so you know i was scared to click but click i did and guess what? This is so emotional, deep, grown and makes you miss your ex in sexy way.

What do you think?


#TBDaily x Monday Motivation: Power

Today during a chat with a tv host, he asked me about this power on air personalities seem to have over music careers.

Let me be the first to say it here that I don't believe a radio or television presenter can make or break your career. First, there are too many ways for an artiste to shine than some random on air personality that won't play their song. Secondly, radio is more than just music and artistes. We talk, break news, do non music personality interviews and the like.
But I digress.
Back to power.
Everyone is powerful. Disagree? Then try buying fuel when there's fuel scarcity and watch your neighbourhood attendant become a king. Or meet with the security guard at an estate or a company you need to absolutely go into.
We all have some kind of power and in wielding same we need to be careful. While a degree of firmness, a dose of toughness and some lines are needed, you have to be careful not to cross over to 'wickedness' or 'spitefulness'.
What do you think about power and how can one handle power with care?

#SkincareSaturday Three things to do for your skin this weekend!

Ideally, we should pamper ourselves every day.  Unfortunately, with the hustle and bustle that is Lagos, we usually end up with at best, ...