A few good men and one bad system

This is random and I'm going to try hard to make it make sense.

So this phrase, 'a few good men' crept up on me when I read a tweet praising two of our current ministers. The 'tweep' said Buhari has at least two ministers who know what they are doing.

So I thought, "maybe all we need is a few good men".

But can that work though?

I told a friend once that if a good man enters an organisation where corruption reigns supreme, that good man will eventually get frustrated. He will be fighting a losing battle because people will hate and even sideline him.

Like take how when we are anywhere but here we tend to throw things in the bin, queue, respect privacy and do better than the second we land at Murtala Mohammed airport. Then suddenly we are throwing tissue on the floor and jumping queues.

I think bad systems will ruin good men, few or not. So Nigeria really needs systems. Be it in civil service or entertainment or governance. A few good men get frustrated in a big bad system...

What do you think?

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