#MondayMotivation It is not them, It is you

Hands up if you have ever been broken up with with the infamous line, "It is not you it is me"?

Yes, that line that attempts to make you feel better but just makes you feel like crap. They are right though. If you are in a good relationship with someone who just can't make it work, it really is not you, it is them. Sometimes, like that movie title, they are just not that into you.

The other version of a break up is when the person is done with the relationship but cannot bring themselves to end it so they stop calling you, and when you do call they do not stay on the phone for longer than neccessary. They won't ever invite you to anything nor acknowledge you and when you finally cannot take it any longer, you break up with them. (The really good actors by the way end up acting hurt and you become the bad guy).

Sometimes in life, we become that person. We are tired of a relationship, we hate our job or we don't want to be friends with a person again but instead of moving on properly, we just become difficult till they force an end.

Before you get to that point where you are getting to work late, not speaking with your colleagues and doing just what is expected of you but not more, check yourself. The reverse is also the case. "It is not me, is it them". I am not the one who has an issue, they are the ones who are *insert excuse or complaint you make here*.
And so because of that, instead of us to move on or get the things we want, we make excuses instead and stay stuck.

Ever employed someone that was just not good for the job? They had a great personality, they were friendly, they maybe even got you but you knew capacity wise, they did not have it. Somehow you continue hanging on making excuses like, "maybe they did not understand the brief", etc etc.
If you keep making excuses and nothing improves, then it is not them it is you.

I just think think that at some point in our lives, we have to accept that we need to make a change and if we do not, then we have noone else to blame but ourselves. If you are in a bad friendship for example where your friend uses you over and over again and you know something is wrong but do nothing about it, then guess what? It is no longer them, it is now you. That friend has no reason to 'let you go'. You have to make that move yourself.

Truth is we do not always get the chance to walk off into the sunset declaring we want our freedom and getting everything we want in life exactly as we want it. BUT! As much as you can, you have to fix things and accept that if you are in a crappy situation that you could have got out of, then it is not them... it is YOU

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