#MondayMotivation When the past comes knocking

My past came knocking this morning, and I have no idea why.

I woke up, switched my phone on and suddenly I was getting mails from the past. Not sure what's up with yahoo but it's like someone broke the 'spam' or 'delete' button because I was getting mails I'm sure I must have deleted in 2011, mails about songs that were released in 2012, and mails about shows that have since aired and stopped, and some of these from accounts i thought i had blocked.
Like wtf?!

Don't you just hate when your past comes knocking?

The annoying thing about this situation was, I had to stop what I was doing then and focus on deleting and plugging whatever hole was leaking.

And isn't that what focusing on the past does to us? We ignore how good it is now and swear it must have been 'gooder' (as my lil cousin would say) in the past. Was it really though? Better back then?
And how can you truly move forward if you keep looking back?

I look back sometimes for analysis. If something worked back then, I wonder what I did differently and if it is possible to keep doing it, I incorporate it again. If something sucked back then, I also try to find out why, to avoid. What I don't like is when I get stuck on things I did wrong in the past.
I must confess, some of the mails i got this morning were great. Like one from a former assistant who now works in management. I did smile while reading some.

We can't fix the past. Some of the people we hurt have passed on or moved on. Some of the things we lost can never be brought back.
We can let the past be a reference that brings us joy or knowledge, but if the memory you are fixated on does neither, stop.

Life is meant to be lived, today.

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