#FashionFriday Green Green Green

It was my dad's birthday last week and we wanted to do celebrate with him with family members.

My sister got this super lush fabric for the girls from SAS Textiles and i loved it the second i saw it.
Green is a dodgy colour. Unlike say a red that has just that one main bold shade, different shades of green give different vibes and sometimes that deep green can leave you looking leafy.

But not this one. It just popped and i was excited to hand it over to Jide (Mister Boya). When i first told him the style i wanted, i started with, "this will be boring...". When i was done, he said, yup! That's boring. *sigh*.
Then he showed me what he had in mind and it ticked my boxes (it is my dad's birthday so i want to look glam, but it is my dad's birthday so i will be doing a lot of kneeling and greeting people)

Once i tried it, i felt like a princess!

The beautiful things about this design and fabric is it did not too much in terms of accessorising. Simple drop ear-rings and rings and i was good.

Then the lovely Modupe of Make Up by Mogizzie came to do my make up and had her gele tied in this ultra chic style. I was just like, yup, gimme that!
And she did.

So, you can also be pretty in green, not just pink!

Once again, Gele and Make Up by Make Up by Mogizzie
Dress Design by Mister Boya
Fabric from SAS Textiles

Feel free to check them out.

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