Happy Wednesday! It's the last day of January, *whew*. We can finally usher in the month of love. And who better to have a chat with today than someone who lives to share love to others. Our Woman crush  is the 21 year old Founder and Chairman of the Wadi Ben-Hirki Foundation, a charity organization with several sub-brands aimed at reaching out to victimized and less-privileged people in the society, especially children. She's the amiable Wadi Ben-Hirki.
Enjoy ;-)

1) You’re a philanthropist, how did it all begin and most importantly, what inspired you to start your first foundation-Wadi Ben-Hirki Foundation?
WADI: I was inspired to establish Wadi Ben-Hirki Foundation because I saw the need to positively impact the lives of the people around me. Most people only talk and point accusing fingers at others when they themselves can actually do something about the situation or challenge. I am very passionate about reaching out to the needy which include the less-privileged, marginalized and disabled among others and I believe Wadi Ben-Hirki Foundation is a great platform for the love which I have for humanitarianism and activism.

2) At such a very young age, how did you find the confidence to start your foundations?
WADI: I believe whatever is conceivable is achievable and this belief enabled me to dare to do and launch the Organization at the age of 18. One’s age  is not a limitation or barrier when one is determined and passionate for something.

3) What keeps you moving when things aren’t going as planned?
WADI: The reason why I started in the first place and the thousands/ millions of lives that are attached to mine and are dependent on the decisions I make.

4) What’s your biggest fear?
WADI: Not fulfilling purpose and living a normal life.

5) A perfect day for you would look like what?
WADI: Ticking everything on my to-do-list for the day. That is a major struggle which I am slowly but surely getting out of

6) What’s one quote you hold very dearly?
WADI: “Stories will be told about the heroes of your generation. Make sure you’re one of them” – Wadi Ben-Hirki

7)      What’s on your mind this Wednesday?
WADI: Nothing in particular. Thoughts are ranging from personal matters to career and future goals

Stay inspired! ;)


My Favourite Grammy 2018 Looks!

The 2018 Grammy Awards held last night, Sunday the 28th of January and it was Bruno Jackson's night. I meant, Bruno Mars.
From his 'Finesse' performance with Cardi B, to him picking up most of the awards he had been nominated for including the highly coveted 'Album of the Year' award, it was a night he would never forget!

For those of us who love our music as a side, the fashion was a worthy main course and the likes of Eve, Rita Ora and Lady Gaga made it, for me, a Grammy Award night to remember.
Here is why!

Eve in a Naeem Khan suit with Chopard jewels

Eve is channelling some major Tomboy Chic glam here and this is one of those looks that transitions easily from day to night!

Lady Gaga in Custom Giorgio Armani

If Instagram let you like a picture more than once, I would like this one a million times. From the lace to it being black to the styling, everything is just on another level of slay!

Miley Cyrus in Jean Paul Gaultier

Miley had two outfits and opted for a dress for performance and a jumpsuit for arrival. I like that the look is simple, yet dramatic.

Rita Ora in a Ralph & Russocouture gown with Lorraine Schwartz jewelry and Christian Louboutin shoe

If you are ever going to show skin, do it like this!

Who am I missing?




Hey everyone, it's the last Monday in January *whoop*. The 100 days of January are finally coming to an end. (If you know, you know)
I've always wondered what the term 'influencer' really means. For a long time, all I knew was that many of them were people who had lots of followers on social media but I figured there had to be more to it, so when I met one, I decided to have this chat with him-to know what their job really entails among other things.
Our Man crush today is Bamidele Olamilekan popularly known as King Pexxie. He's a Lawyer and a social media influencer. With over 50,000 social media followers he's helping brands grow their audiences. I need not say more, Enjoy :

Hi King Pexxie!

1)     You are a social media influencer and a lawyer, how have you been able to create a balance between both?

KP: Well, the secret and beauty of life is always finding a balance.. some sort of equilibrium between whatever two activities you’ve decided to delve into...

I like to see myself as a real life Clark Kent/ Superman... Lawyer by Day, Influencer by night.. without letting one get in the way of the other.

2)     Many people haven’t quite gotten a correct grasp of who a social media influencer is, please tell us what it means, what you do and why influencers are important.

KP: Well... often times, most people think being an influencer is all about having huge number of followership on social media accounts and posting stuff constantly.. Well.. without bursting bubbles, it goes beyond amassing numbers of followers.. it’s about creating an audience who see any post or opinion you put out to be a life changing , thought provoking and choice altering content. Knowing fully well that the post you put out can change people's views or ideas on how they see that particular brand. Now this is why brands decide to pay you a lot for you to put word out for them-about their product so as to Influence user's perspective or opinion of that product.
What I do? I build brands and give them a good social media presence and persona. I also help brands gain prominence in the mind of their users and as a brand influencer, I help brands push their content or products to the right audience using the right platforms at the right time with the right words that suit my followers.
Influencers are important because their platforms are social media based and social media is the new billboard every brand is dying to advertise on. An influencer helps you do the talking for your brand.

3)     Are there any pressures you think influencers face?

KP: Influencers face a lot of pressure, but most importantly are:

Under cutting of budget by Agencies who bring the job to you from the brands and also the temptation to want to buy followers because growing twitter followers generically now seems a bit difficult
4)     A fun day for you would look like what?

KP: I’m a very fun person and a fun day for me would include swimming, go kayaking, drinking coconut water (that’s my fave) I’m all about the beach life.. that’s my best getaway

5)     Three things you can’t do without?

KP: -My Phone
        -My Phone
        -Internet!! This is major

6)     How do you ensure that you stay relevant?

KP: constantly putting out relatable content  and giving followers what they want to see or hear.

7)     What’s one piece of advice you’ll give to people trying to build followership on social media?

NEVER EVER EVER THINK OF BUYING FOLLOWERS... that is the beginning of you cowing your self and building your brand of robots.

8)     What’s on your mind this Monday?

Making lot of money, Touching Peoples lives, changing the world and seeing my face on Forbes... that isn’t far fetched right? LOL

Stay Inspired,



Hi guys! and ladies ;) Today I'm sharing with you 10 powerful lessons we've learnt from the amazing women on the WCW corner of this blog. I love how most of the advice they've given isn't cliche, so there's definitely something new to learn from this read. Enjoy their words of wisdom right out of their hearts to you ;)

 1) LEARN-Lesson learnt from LOWLADEE (Filmmaker)
"I didn't get a professional training. Haha I know right! but see there's information around us.  I consumed a lot of materials; reading on Google and watching videos on Youtube to be honest and then I practised a lot with short films.I really wanted to go to film school but it was way too expensive Jeezes!"

2) STAY POSITIVE & JOYFUL-Lesson learnt from ADAORA MBELU-DANIA (Entrepreneur)
"Professional or Personal Accomplishment without Joy is quite painful. I lead with Heart, and what that means is that purpose always comes before passion and the standards set by the world. Joy and Positivity brings me Clarity of mind. And with a clear mind, I can accomplish much more than you imagine."

3) TRUST YOUR GUT-Lesson learnt from MIMI ONALAJA (TV Personality)
 "...That has to be the decision to switch to my current career in the first place. I made a move from HR Consulting to TV and it’s one of the best choices I’ve ever made. I’m much more happier for it."

4) BE YOURSELF-Lesson learnt from LINDSEY ABUDEI (Singer)
"Find, know and be yourself."

5) HARDWORK -Lesson learnt from ADERONKE ADEFALUJO (Fashion Entrepreneur)
"My work is stressful, sometimes mentally and physically, sometimes depression sets in! Specially when you always wanna stay ahead of your game! I'm a creative so it first takes a lot of mind work before the putting pieces together"

6) ENJOY THE DOWN TIMES -Lesson learnt from  Amiola Aguda (TV Personality)
"I’m still learning to deal with times like this, because it gets frustrating. Very frustrating. But these days, I try to enjoy the free time, read and brush up on myself and skills, connect with people and most importantly, pray for better days."

7) SMART WORK-Lesson learnt from GBEMI (OAP, Entrepreneur)
" Be innovative , be smart and resilient ."

8) START NOW-Lesson learnt from  Idia Aisien (Model, TV Host)
"Never wait for people to help you become successful, because when you are successful everyone will want to help you."

9) S.H.A.R.E -Lesson learnt from Ibukun Awosika (Fashion designer)
"...Either from making them feel special in my clothes or by sharing my knowledge. I'm obsessed with sharing my knowledge! The  moment I learn something, I want someone else to know."

10)  OTHER PEOPLE'S PINIONS DON'T MATTER -Lesson learnt from Fisayo Longe (Fashion designer/blogger)
 "I have a core group of family and friends that I really trust- I don’t care about many other opinions apart from theirs. Everyone’s got something to say and if I had listened to them, I wouldn’t be where I am today, so why start listening now?"

Stay Inspired,



Hi guys, you know from time to time, I like to recap some of the BEST lessons we've learnt from our man crushes. Over the past few weeks, we've had some amazing people from interestingly diverse walks of life tell us their stories and give us some advice. Today, I've compiled their advice into one awesome piece, in case you didn't read their interviews, or you did and missed the lessons. I hope you'll enjoy their words of wisdom.
PS: These are their exact words (not mine ;)


1) FREE AND ENJOY YOURSELF- lesson from MAZI'NO APPEAL(voice Over Actor/TV Personality) :
"Escape. Be more you. Do more you. Never be pressured by people. Love life within the limits of it; It was meant to be enjoyed."

2) POWER-lesson from ENIOLA TITO  (Youtube Vlogger):
"Always be cognisant of who you are, what you can do, how many lives you can potentially touch for good or for evil, what legacy you want to leave behind and where you will spend eternity."

3) SIEVE-lesson from MICHAEL AKINROGUNDE (Filmmaker)
 "All decisions are from what we have seen, heard or believe. So, be careful as to what you allow yourself to see and hear because more than you know, it influences how you act."

4) GRATITUDE-lesson from MICHAEL UMOUDIT (Designer):
"I've learnt to appreciate life in phases and stages, they all sum up to create a unique and distinct pattern, relative from one individual to another."

5) STAY HUNGRY lesson from KOLDRE(Photographer)
"By constantly wanting more , I'm at this point where I feel like I need to do more , the hunger is always there to do more so I think that keeps the fire burning."

6) BELIEVE-lesson from SEUN AJAYI (Actor):
 " If you don't believe in your dreams and have the unwavering focus required, then no one else can buy into the vision"

7) VALUE YOURSELF Lesson from James Emmanuel (Photographer)
" One lesson I have learnt in photography is valuing yourself. No one would value you as much as you value yourself. If you have a strong value system, you tend to be more respected."

8) GOD FIRST -Lesson from Bolanle Ninalowo (Actor):
"First, I commit all to God and then I make use of the things I have control over, in the best positive manner I can."

9) TAKE SOME TIME OFF- Lesson from DIIPO AYO-ADEUSI (Fashion consultant)
"Aside work,  I like to sleep, binge watch my favorite shows and enjoy fun, intimate moments with my friends."

10) YOU'RE NOT ALONE-Lesson from KWAME BONSU (TV Personality)
"We all go through the same struggles in our careers and personal lives just like everyone else. We just love being on camera so much we end up smiling automatically when we hear 'Action!"

Those are 10 important lessons that I think everyone can learn from and most importantly incorporate into their lives. Have an awesome week and continue to:

Stay Inspired,



Hi Fellaz. I'm super pumped today because of our WCW, a woman who has been on my radar for quite some time now and I'm definitely not letting her go, not now, not ever! She's a creative industrialist and the director of Trellis Group. She's the beautiful Adaora-Mbelu-Dania. One thing I love about her is how she's able to embrace all of herself and have fun with it. Enjoy my short chat with her ;)

Hi Ada

1)     You always credit the success of your company, “Trellis Group” to your team, what do you love most about working with them? 
ADA: My favorite thing about working with my team is the fact that we have a shared vision, and it allows us to move progressively and efficiently towards accomplishing our collective goals while simultaneously ensuring that our personal goals are put into consideration.

2)     You speak a lot about joy, positivity and spirituality, why is that?

ADA: I believe that these things are the foundation of everything that I do. Professional or Personal Accomplishment without Joy is quite painful. I lead with Heart, and what that means is that purpose always comes before passion and the standards set by the world. Joy and Positivity brings me Clarity of mind. And with a clear mind, I can accomplish much more than you imagine.

3)     Tell us one thing you sometimes find surprising about yourself?
ADA: My ability to be "petty" sometimes. Only sometimes…. when I want to be petty on purpose.

4)     What KEEPS you motivated?

ADA: My purpose keeps me motivated. I understand that I was created to solve problems, and that I’m on a mission in this world. Every time I solve a problem, I’m motivated to do more and be more.

5)     What’s the most valuable lesson you’ve learnt in life?

ADA: People, not things, make the world go round. Focus on people and you will always win. Focus on things, and you will lose.

6)     If you could have a TV Show, it’ll be about what?

ADA: It would be a mix of Oprah and Ellen, where I speak to people about their life's journeys but drill down on questions most journalists don’t discuss.

7)     What do you love to do most outside of work?

ADA: Write, Read, and Doodle

8)     It’s a new year, tell us one thing you hope to do in 2018?
ADA: I hope to do what I do every year, light up as many lives as I possibly can. Bring clarity to as many people, help them execute their ideas and visions.

9)     What’s on your mind this Wednesday?
ADA: My Family, Friends, and Community.

That's it guys
Stay inspired!


#MondayMotivation Familiar is Safe but is it Life Changing?

Today I took a step out of my comfort zone.
Right now it feels exhilarating but we all know that things outside our comfort zone can be scary.
When it is scary, you can either continue, or run back to what is familiar.
That space where things you do are routine feels good because you don't risk anything and are probably happy. Or think you're happy.

The danger with staying in that zone though is you may never truly reach your full potential, nor be as productive as you could be. If you do it once, you can then do it again because it gives you confidence and helps you be more creative.

What can you do to get out of it?
- Do! Do! Do!
My instinct is to think a lot but there are so many times that I have analysed myself to inaction.
Thinking is good as it helps you weigh pros and cons but do learn to also ACT.

- Do Something New
You can learn a new skill or brush up on skills you already have, like learning to play the piano or to speak Spanish, make a new friend, get a new hair style or buy some clothes different from your main style.
You can also go to a new place, city or country.

- Don't expect it to be Easy
Nothing that involves breaking or varying a routine is ever easy. Even where the first step like in my case today is easy, there will be something else that comes from that step that will still scare you.
Understand it and don't be afraid of it.

I hope these few tips help.
Can you s.h.a.r.e any with me?

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#WhoISaw Selfies with Ayana!

Last week I for some reason, decided Wednesday was a great day to walk everywhere. I walked to all my meetings for that day!

Well, during one of my walks, look who i bumped into- Jibola who i call Jybbs or Ayana.
Jybbs and I first met on Facebook when she saw my status looking for brands to partner with for my Jeans for Genes show.

She was then the manager of Swe Bar, and from our first conversation, we became friends. 
I really love her because she has the best heart ever and I hope people remember to put her name anytime they talk about Entertainment in Naija.



Hi fam! It's a beautiful Wednesday and we are crushing on a very beautiful lady with a beautiful soul (yup!) After quitting her job in HR/Strategy, she's now an  an actor and a presenter at EbonyLife TV. One thing I personally admire about her is how original and really warm she comes across on television. Oh and can we take some seconds to adore her style-she's fashion goals all day, everyday. I have her pictures saved so I can buy something similar or combine outfits the way she does *covers face. Well, here it goes-the amazing MIMI ONALAJA-feed your eyes with her pictures, and your soul with her responses. Enjoy ;)

1.       You are an actress, TV Host and a style icon, does it ever get overwhelming?
MIMI:        It doesn’t get overwhelming yet thankfully, and hopefully it never will. This is the life I hoped, dreamed, prayed and worked for and I’d like to believe that I’m constantly building on the capacity to handle it all each day. Luckily, I have significant control over my schedule and if I ever feel a strain, I know it’s time to take a breather.

2)      What inspires you to keep moving when things aren’t going too well?
MIMI:        The sacrifices I’ve made to get here, the very clear picture I have of where I’m headed, the women that have gone ahead of me and smashed my goals plus more, and the people that look up to me now all inspire me to keep moving, regardless. 

3)      If you were to choose one, what would you say has been the the best career choice you've ever made?
MIMI:        That has to be the decision to switch to my current career in the first place. I made a move from HR Consulting to TV and it’s one of the best choices I’ve ever made. I’m much more happier for it. 

4)      Tell us some about some embarrassing moments you’ve had in front of the camera?
MIMI:        Those mostly come after my work is done and I watch playbacks or even final show edits. I’ve made a few grammatical errors that have made me cringe!

5)      What would you say is the best thing about the type of job you do (Acting and presenting)?
MIMI:        For me, the best thing about my type of job has to be the colour and versatility it brings to my life. Everyday at work is different, new people are met all the time and all experiences are completely unique. Add to that all the opportunities I get to play dress up!

6)       If you were doing a 9-5 job outside of entertainment, what will it be?
MIMI:        I’d probably still be working in HR/Strategy; otherwise, maybe I’d be a teacher.

7)      You're very stylish, What’s your favourite style ensemble?
MIMI:        Wide-fit pants, bold earrings and heels is always a winning look for me! Anything ‘Fablane by Derin’ is always a winner too!

8) What's your favourite international TV show?
MIMI:        Can I pick more than one please?! Modern Family, Game of Thrones and Scandal

9) What’s that one thing you wish to do but haven’t yet done?  
MIMI:        My very own Talk Show.

11)    What’s on your mind this Wednesday?
MIMI:        2018 and how much of an amazing year it’s going to be, my next set of outfits, and the Black Panther Movie; actually everything that’s coming from Marvel Studios this year...eeeek! 

That's it!
Stay inspired ;)



Hi fellaz, How's the new year going? Hope we've begun to achieve some of our goals. If no one has told you, let me. 2018 is speeding and before you know it, the year would be over; start with the goals already!
That out of the way, today, we are crushing on a young man who is redefining the game in his own way. I respect him a lot for his willingness to talk about issues that are usually not openly discussed in this part of the world and I'm glad he touches that in this interview. He is Eniola Tito Abumere, a photographer, video editor and a YouTube vlogger. After reading, you'll definitely be be spurred to be more creative. Enjoy ;-)

1) Your YouTube Channel has received so much traction over time, what would you say has helped you in particular, to grow on YouTube?
ENIOLA: I'll say it's being creative and striving to be different with my content. I've always tried to treat topics most Nigerian young men wouldn't normally discuss in public and I try to make my videos look a little bit different aesthetically even if it's with subtle adjustments. I think they count.

2) You’re a photographer. If you could pick one of your images as the one that speaks to you the most, which would it be and why? 
ENIOLA: I'd have to say it's a picture I took of a friend of mine when I group of us went to Tarkwa Bay recently. The circumstances surrounding the picture were very different from what you see in the image. The image looked quite professional and effortless in my opinion but the truth is some work and coaching and a lot of good luck came into play for the image to come out looking as breathtaking as it did. I really love it.

3)  Describe your life in three words.
ENIOLA: Simple. Unorthodox. Detailed.

4) Are there any new careers you want to delve into someday and why?
ENIOLA: I find animation and editing quite fascinating these days. There's so much being done with visuals and motion graphics that's displayed on billboards, in movies, on devices nowadays and it really fascinates me. I wish I could create a variety of dope graphics.

5)     What advice will you give your child about life?
 ENIOLA: Life is long, complex and in stages. Don't make big decisions based on what you want or how you feel right now. Try and make those decisions with the future in mind as well. Live in the present but always be mindful of the future as well. Always be cognisant of who you are, what you can do, how many lives you can potentially touch for good or for evil, what legacy you want to leave behind and where you will spend eternity. 

6)     It’s a new year, what 3 things do you want to do more of in 2018?
ENIOLA: I want to make more high impact videos. I want to earn more money. I want to educate more people and touch more lives.

7)     What’s on your mind this Monday?
ENIOLA: Meetings, how I can create value and all the videos I have to script and shoot this  month

Stay Inspired guys!



Happy new year fellaz!! It's great to be back after the amazingly short holidays! Our first woman crush of the year is the delectable Gbemi Olateru-Olagbegi. What's not to love about her? She's an on-air-personality at Beat FM and the C.E.O of Gbemisoke shoes. How she has been able to anchor an evening show all by herself over the years is very impressive, so I thought to have a quick chat with her. Enjoy!

1)     You are a media personality and a fashion entrepreneur, what do you love most about your career path?

GBEMI: The freedom to create . I can come up with new ideas for the media part and come up with new ideas for the fashion part .

Gbemisoke Shoes

2)     As a media personality, you will have gone for quite a number of auditions; can you tell us about one audition you can never forget?

GBEMI: I was invited to audition for a very popular show and I was TOTALLY unprepared . I ended up messing it up because I was too nervous to answer some of the questions they asked me. The lesson is “Do your research and be prepared for anything !”

3)     What do you love to do outside of work?

GBEMI: I watch movies , series and reality shows.

4)     You anchor the drive time show on Beat FM all by yourself, what tips would you say have helped you become respectable and popular over the years?

GBEMI: I think people count on me to say it is as it is. They do not always like what I have to say but they always know I keep it real .

5)     What’s something you wish you could do but don’t know how to?

GBEMI: Play the drums and DJ. I’m going to learn at least one of them this year.

6)     What is your most favorite thing about yourself?

GBEMI:  My favorite thing is that I can adapt to any situation I find myself in. I always survive . No matter what !

7)     What advice would you give to someone trying to make it in the media industry?
GBEMI: Be innovative , be smart and resilient .

8)     It’s a new year; tell us one thing you hope to do in 2018?

 GBEMI: Make more money , work smarter !

9)     What’s on your mind this Wednesday?

 GBEMI: What gym to enroll in ! Lol

That's it guys,
Stay inspired and have an awesome 2018!

#SkincareSaturday Three things to do for your skin this weekend!

Ideally, we should pamper ourselves every day.  Unfortunately, with the hustle and bustle that is Lagos, we usually end up with at best, ...