Hi fellaz, How's the new year going? Hope we've begun to achieve some of our goals. If no one has told you, let me. 2018 is speeding and before you know it, the year would be over; start with the goals already!
That out of the way, today, we are crushing on a young man who is redefining the game in his own way. I respect him a lot for his willingness to talk about issues that are usually not openly discussed in this part of the world and I'm glad he touches that in this interview. He is Eniola Tito Abumere, a photographer, video editor and a YouTube vlogger. After reading, you'll definitely be be spurred to be more creative. Enjoy ;-)

1) Your YouTube Channel has received so much traction over time, what would you say has helped you in particular, to grow on YouTube?
ENIOLA: I'll say it's being creative and striving to be different with my content. I've always tried to treat topics most Nigerian young men wouldn't normally discuss in public and I try to make my videos look a little bit different aesthetically even if it's with subtle adjustments. I think they count.

2) You’re a photographer. If you could pick one of your images as the one that speaks to you the most, which would it be and why? 
ENIOLA: I'd have to say it's a picture I took of a friend of mine when I group of us went to Tarkwa Bay recently. The circumstances surrounding the picture were very different from what you see in the image. The image looked quite professional and effortless in my opinion but the truth is some work and coaching and a lot of good luck came into play for the image to come out looking as breathtaking as it did. I really love it.

3)  Describe your life in three words.
ENIOLA: Simple. Unorthodox. Detailed.

4) Are there any new careers you want to delve into someday and why?
ENIOLA: I find animation and editing quite fascinating these days. There's so much being done with visuals and motion graphics that's displayed on billboards, in movies, on devices nowadays and it really fascinates me. I wish I could create a variety of dope graphics.

5)     What advice will you give your child about life?
 ENIOLA: Life is long, complex and in stages. Don't make big decisions based on what you want or how you feel right now. Try and make those decisions with the future in mind as well. Live in the present but always be mindful of the future as well. Always be cognisant of who you are, what you can do, how many lives you can potentially touch for good or for evil, what legacy you want to leave behind and where you will spend eternity. 

6)     It’s a new year, what 3 things do you want to do more of in 2018?
ENIOLA: I want to make more high impact videos. I want to earn more money. I want to educate more people and touch more lives.

7)     What’s on your mind this Monday?
ENIOLA: Meetings, how I can create value and all the videos I have to script and shoot this  month

Stay Inspired guys!

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