Hi fam! It's a beautiful Wednesday and we are crushing on a very beautiful lady with a beautiful soul (yup!) After quitting her job in HR/Strategy, she's now an  an actor and a presenter at EbonyLife TV. One thing I personally admire about her is how original and really warm she comes across on television. Oh and can we take some seconds to adore her style-she's fashion goals all day, everyday. I have her pictures saved so I can buy something similar or combine outfits the way she does *covers face. Well, here it goes-the amazing MIMI ONALAJA-feed your eyes with her pictures, and your soul with her responses. Enjoy ;)

1.       You are an actress, TV Host and a style icon, does it ever get overwhelming?
MIMI:        It doesn’t get overwhelming yet thankfully, and hopefully it never will. This is the life I hoped, dreamed, prayed and worked for and I’d like to believe that I’m constantly building on the capacity to handle it all each day. Luckily, I have significant control over my schedule and if I ever feel a strain, I know it’s time to take a breather.

2)      What inspires you to keep moving when things aren’t going too well?
MIMI:        The sacrifices I’ve made to get here, the very clear picture I have of where I’m headed, the women that have gone ahead of me and smashed my goals plus more, and the people that look up to me now all inspire me to keep moving, regardless. 

3)      If you were to choose one, what would you say has been the the best career choice you've ever made?
MIMI:        That has to be the decision to switch to my current career in the first place. I made a move from HR Consulting to TV and it’s one of the best choices I’ve ever made. I’m much more happier for it. 

4)      Tell us some about some embarrassing moments you’ve had in front of the camera?
MIMI:        Those mostly come after my work is done and I watch playbacks or even final show edits. I’ve made a few grammatical errors that have made me cringe!

5)      What would you say is the best thing about the type of job you do (Acting and presenting)?
MIMI:        For me, the best thing about my type of job has to be the colour and versatility it brings to my life. Everyday at work is different, new people are met all the time and all experiences are completely unique. Add to that all the opportunities I get to play dress up!

6)       If you were doing a 9-5 job outside of entertainment, what will it be?
MIMI:        I’d probably still be working in HR/Strategy; otherwise, maybe I’d be a teacher.

7)      You're very stylish, What’s your favourite style ensemble?
MIMI:        Wide-fit pants, bold earrings and heels is always a winning look for me! Anything ‘Fablane by Derin’ is always a winner too!

8) What's your favourite international TV show?
MIMI:        Can I pick more than one please?! Modern Family, Game of Thrones and Scandal

9) What’s that one thing you wish to do but haven’t yet done?  
MIMI:        My very own Talk Show.

11)    What’s on your mind this Wednesday?
MIMI:        2018 and how much of an amazing year it’s going to be, my next set of outfits, and the Black Panther Movie; actually everything that’s coming from Marvel Studios this year...eeeek! 

That's it!
Stay inspired ;)

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