Hey everyone, it's the last Monday in January *whoop*. The 100 days of January are finally coming to an end. (If you know, you know)
I've always wondered what the term 'influencer' really means. For a long time, all I knew was that many of them were people who had lots of followers on social media but I figured there had to be more to it, so when I met one, I decided to have this chat with him-to know what their job really entails among other things.
Our Man crush today is Bamidele Olamilekan popularly known as King Pexxie. He's a Lawyer and a social media influencer. With over 50,000 social media followers he's helping brands grow their audiences. I need not say more, Enjoy :

Hi King Pexxie!

1)     You are a social media influencer and a lawyer, how have you been able to create a balance between both?

KP: Well, the secret and beauty of life is always finding a balance.. some sort of equilibrium between whatever two activities you’ve decided to delve into...

I like to see myself as a real life Clark Kent/ Superman... Lawyer by Day, Influencer by night.. without letting one get in the way of the other.

2)     Many people haven’t quite gotten a correct grasp of who a social media influencer is, please tell us what it means, what you do and why influencers are important.

KP: Well... often times, most people think being an influencer is all about having huge number of followership on social media accounts and posting stuff constantly.. Well.. without bursting bubbles, it goes beyond amassing numbers of followers.. it’s about creating an audience who see any post or opinion you put out to be a life changing , thought provoking and choice altering content. Knowing fully well that the post you put out can change people's views or ideas on how they see that particular brand. Now this is why brands decide to pay you a lot for you to put word out for them-about their product so as to Influence user's perspective or opinion of that product.
What I do? I build brands and give them a good social media presence and persona. I also help brands gain prominence in the mind of their users and as a brand influencer, I help brands push their content or products to the right audience using the right platforms at the right time with the right words that suit my followers.
Influencers are important because their platforms are social media based and social media is the new billboard every brand is dying to advertise on. An influencer helps you do the talking for your brand.

3)     Are there any pressures you think influencers face?

KP: Influencers face a lot of pressure, but most importantly are:

Under cutting of budget by Agencies who bring the job to you from the brands and also the temptation to want to buy followers because growing twitter followers generically now seems a bit difficult
4)     A fun day for you would look like what?

KP: I’m a very fun person and a fun day for me would include swimming, go kayaking, drinking coconut water (that’s my fave) I’m all about the beach life.. that’s my best getaway

5)     Three things you can’t do without?

KP: -My Phone
        -My Phone
        -Internet!! This is major

6)     How do you ensure that you stay relevant?

KP: constantly putting out relatable content  and giving followers what they want to see or hear.

7)     What’s one piece of advice you’ll give to people trying to build followership on social media?

NEVER EVER EVER THINK OF BUYING FOLLOWERS... that is the beginning of you cowing your self and building your brand of robots.

8)     What’s on your mind this Monday?

Making lot of money, Touching Peoples lives, changing the world and seeing my face on Forbes... that isn’t far fetched right? LOL

Stay Inspired,

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