Hi guys! and ladies ;) Today I'm sharing with you 10 powerful lessons we've learnt from the amazing women on the WCW corner of this blog. I love how most of the advice they've given isn't cliche, so there's definitely something new to learn from this read. Enjoy their words of wisdom right out of their hearts to you ;)

 1) LEARN-Lesson learnt from LOWLADEE (Filmmaker)
"I didn't get a professional training. Haha I know right! but see there's information around us.  I consumed a lot of materials; reading on Google and watching videos on Youtube to be honest and then I practised a lot with short films.I really wanted to go to film school but it was way too expensive Jeezes!"

2) STAY POSITIVE & JOYFUL-Lesson learnt from ADAORA MBELU-DANIA (Entrepreneur)
"Professional or Personal Accomplishment without Joy is quite painful. I lead with Heart, and what that means is that purpose always comes before passion and the standards set by the world. Joy and Positivity brings me Clarity of mind. And with a clear mind, I can accomplish much more than you imagine."

3) TRUST YOUR GUT-Lesson learnt from MIMI ONALAJA (TV Personality)
 "...That has to be the decision to switch to my current career in the first place. I made a move from HR Consulting to TV and it’s one of the best choices I’ve ever made. I’m much more happier for it."

4) BE YOURSELF-Lesson learnt from LINDSEY ABUDEI (Singer)
"Find, know and be yourself."

5) HARDWORK -Lesson learnt from ADERONKE ADEFALUJO (Fashion Entrepreneur)
"My work is stressful, sometimes mentally and physically, sometimes depression sets in! Specially when you always wanna stay ahead of your game! I'm a creative so it first takes a lot of mind work before the putting pieces together"

6) ENJOY THE DOWN TIMES -Lesson learnt from  Amiola Aguda (TV Personality)
"I’m still learning to deal with times like this, because it gets frustrating. Very frustrating. But these days, I try to enjoy the free time, read and brush up on myself and skills, connect with people and most importantly, pray for better days."

7) SMART WORK-Lesson learnt from GBEMI (OAP, Entrepreneur)
" Be innovative , be smart and resilient ."

8) START NOW-Lesson learnt from  Idia Aisien (Model, TV Host)
"Never wait for people to help you become successful, because when you are successful everyone will want to help you."

9) S.H.A.R.E -Lesson learnt from Ibukun Awosika (Fashion designer)
"...Either from making them feel special in my clothes or by sharing my knowledge. I'm obsessed with sharing my knowledge! The  moment I learn something, I want someone else to know."

10)  OTHER PEOPLE'S PINIONS DON'T MATTER -Lesson learnt from Fisayo Longe (Fashion designer/blogger)
 "I have a core group of family and friends that I really trust- I don’t care about many other opinions apart from theirs. Everyone’s got something to say and if I had listened to them, I wouldn’t be where I am today, so why start listening now?"

Stay Inspired,

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