Happy Wednesday! It's the last day of January, *whew*. We can finally usher in the month of love. And who better to have a chat with today than someone who lives to share love to others. Our Woman crush  is the 21 year old Founder and Chairman of the Wadi Ben-Hirki Foundation, a charity organization with several sub-brands aimed at reaching out to victimized and less-privileged people in the society, especially children. She's the amiable Wadi Ben-Hirki.
Enjoy ;-)

1) You’re a philanthropist, how did it all begin and most importantly, what inspired you to start your first foundation-Wadi Ben-Hirki Foundation?
WADI: I was inspired to establish Wadi Ben-Hirki Foundation because I saw the need to positively impact the lives of the people around me. Most people only talk and point accusing fingers at others when they themselves can actually do something about the situation or challenge. I am very passionate about reaching out to the needy which include the less-privileged, marginalized and disabled among others and I believe Wadi Ben-Hirki Foundation is a great platform for the love which I have for humanitarianism and activism.

2) At such a very young age, how did you find the confidence to start your foundations?
WADI: I believe whatever is conceivable is achievable and this belief enabled me to dare to do and launch the Organization at the age of 18. One’s age  is not a limitation or barrier when one is determined and passionate for something.

3) What keeps you moving when things aren’t going as planned?
WADI: The reason why I started in the first place and the thousands/ millions of lives that are attached to mine and are dependent on the decisions I make.

4) What’s your biggest fear?
WADI: Not fulfilling purpose and living a normal life.

5) A perfect day for you would look like what?
WADI: Ticking everything on my to-do-list for the day. That is a major struggle which I am slowly but surely getting out of

6) What’s one quote you hold very dearly?
WADI: “Stories will be told about the heroes of your generation. Make sure you’re one of them” – Wadi Ben-Hirki

7)      What’s on your mind this Wednesday?
WADI: Nothing in particular. Thoughts are ranging from personal matters to career and future goals

Stay inspired! ;)

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