A Tale of Two Dresses... and a flashback to the first

Us tomboys live a simple life.

Jeans? Check. T shirt? Check. A jacket or two? Check. The occasional outside-our-comfort-zone outfit? Double check.

But when tomboys get married, we have to decide if we want that tomboy life and perhaps rock pants to our wedding, or if we want to enjoy a day of being fully outside the box.

I went with a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

(P.s, for those who don't want to wear dresses, Solange Knowles wore a great outfit for her wedding.)

The first ceremony (in Lagos last year),  was more traditional so I went with champagne. Mai Atafo created magic after my consultation with him which was professional and comforting. He really knows his onions when it comes to wedding outfits. (He also made two of the grooms suits).
I told him I wanted something long that could go short so we did this gorgeous dress with a long skirt and a peplum.
Started long, ended short.

My third dress was a gift from a friend and my most comfy. Sasha makes beautiful outfits for the everyday girl (affordable glamour) and she told me she also likes making wedding dresses so win win!!!

My second consultation was for my third dress and was with Yemi Oshunkoya of Kosibah.
Kosibah dresses are easy to spot and always elegant. I knew this would be the one where I had to be a lady and also not breathe. I kid I kid. Breathe once in a while.
Yemi was quite relieved that i was going for a classic dress because he said he was a bit worried i would want something crazy. Na. We don't do crazy couture!
He sketched a beautiful design which was picture perfect and I was sold!

I kept my accessories simple for all, and my shoes were definitely a reflection of my personality.

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