#MondayMotivation My journey from Quality to Quantity

I got my first job while I was still in secondary school.

I saw an opening and sent my c.v. You may wonder what kind of profile a secondary school student would have? Well i threw in everything! My love for writing, promises and more. The advertiser was so amused that they offered me a job.

Since then, i have had a series of jobs- paid or unpaid, with bosses or as my own boss, knowing what i was doing or making it up as i went along, and indeed, well and terribly.
There was a time i wanted to do it all and girl did i try! Everything i did i did with energy and passion; friendships, hobbies, love.

In the end, i calmed down and began to ask more questions before doing things or accepting work. One day I wrote down a few questions to answer before saying yes to something. 

Questions like; Does this make me money? Does it move me forward? Am I doing this for the greater good? Is it beneficial, short or long term? Does it benefit my career? Does it make me or someone i care about happy? Is it for personal development?

We will have to make that distinction several times in our journey. Every time we start over, we reach for quantity first. It helps establish our presence, sharpen our skills, fill a void.
But then when we have done this, we must go back to quantity.

That's the journey.

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