#TravelThursday Missing EgyptAir MS804

The Greek Defence Ministry says the missing EgyptAir plane travelling from Paris to Cairo made some abrupt turns before losing altitude after making a call.
This is the latest update on the story which broke this morning.

I have been travelling a bit recently and you all know how scary it can be sometime on a plane. So waking up to news about a missing airplane is even scarier.

An EgyptAir flight (Egypt Airbus MS840) went off the radar shortly after entering Egypt's airspace over the Mediterranean Sea is really scary. The plane was said to have been carrying 69 people on board; 59 passengers and 10 crew members (including security officials) .It took off from Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris at 11:09pm on the 18th of May, and was expected to land in Cairo, Egypt in the morning on the 19th.
EgyptAir tweeted the plane was missing three hours after it was scheduled to land.

Some reports say there was no distress signal received, while others say one was received ten minutes before it went off radar.
Friends and family members of those on board have gathered at the airport, and now we have to pray hard concerning rescue / salvage missions.

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