#TosynReviews Hilton Northolme- the smallest, but still #winning

By my first night, I was sold- Hilton Northolme is one of the best hotels I've ever been!

It's the morning of Day 3 and that hasn't changed.

We got in sleepy and tired after a long flight and connection so I was happy to start my interaction at Hilton with friendly and helpful staff, and complimentary cold drinks.

The friendly staff (apart from the one chef at breakfast who never smiles) have become a recurring welcome theme during my stay, and believe it can be a shock to then go into town and find not everyone smiles when they see you. Lol.

Another big plus is the design and ambience. The scenery is breathtaking and our room has a great view (and 'sound') of the sea. There's the room and living area (with a tv yay), the bathroom and the 'verandah', so it's ideal for extroverts who just need to dump bags and explore, or introverts who want to read, write and watch television.

Breakfast is served in a picturesque dining room overlooking the sea (everything overlooks the sea here but hey), and there's so much attention to detail that if your cappuccino happens to be no longer foamy, they will replace it for you. How cool is this?! There's the fruit of the month (this month, bananas) reflected in the fruit itself, a cake and a smoothie. There's even sparkling wine!!!

I'm a lover of hotel products and I was happy to see there was no skimping on products here- lotions, sun relief creams, soaps, shampoos, cotton bud, dental hygiene products and more.

Another plus? The gifts!
Complementary massages and little gifts daily. Day one was soap, Day two was tea and I'm hoping Day three will be perfume. Lol.

Their meals are well done and tasty and they have some fabulous specialty drinks like chilli coffee and Northolme coffee. Chilli is my favourite. My friend had a cold and they were kind enough to make us some nice tea with ginger and lemon grass.

It's hard to believe this Hilton hotel is actually the smallest Hilton hotel.

But is there anything I don't like?

Well I wish their menu reflected more creole dishes. I keep having to go to town to get 'local dishes'.

I also don't get their wi-fi policy. Surely in 2016, a Hilton can give you FAST internet access in the resort. Plus, what's with only two devices can connect in a room?
(To be fair, the staff always give me an access code for my extra devices).

In all, I do decree, this is my best hotel ever!

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