ABCs of a Successful Job Search

Hi guys,

Did you notice the same trend i did? People now taking to the streets to look for jobs?
Two ladies, one in Port Harcourt the other in Lekki, Lagos, took their job search to the streets. 

Twitter: @findjobng 
Your first reaction could be to laugh or wave them off as crazy, but think about it; it means these people have searched so much that they feel going on the streets is the next step! Twittersphere was naturally divided with some people making fun and condemning them while others could see why it was neccessary.

Personally, I think you should do what you can to get what you want, as long as you do not hurt others in the process. These ladies looked at the sad job situation in Nigeria, and went out to the streets to get a job, they should be saluted for this. Still it is sad. Sometimes, I really wish I could employ everyone.
However, since I cannot, I can share a few tips I have found useful over the years. So it doesn’t have to get to the extent where you carry a placard and march to the street.

      Learn a Skill
The employment situation in Nigeria is bad. Yet, there will always be jobs for skilled people. So regardless of what you studied in school, or have a degree in, learn a skill, whether or not related to your field of study. This skill can be learned while you are still an undergraduate or during your service year. ‘The craft of a man (or woman) will pave a way for him (or her)’ is a popular and very true saying.
(Kudos to the interns who come to Top Radio 90.9 all the time to learn skills!)
      Build and Use a Network
Even if you are a natural introvert, you need to learn to reach out to people, talk to them and save their contacts. Attend workshops and seminars related to the industry you would like to work in. Apply for competitions too. You will find yourself growing a network, which you can then use when the time comes.

3.       Social Media
The lady from Port Harcourt, her picture went viral, because a job search handle @findjobng on Twitter tweeted her picture, and soon people were calling her to offer jobs. 
Twitter: @findjobng
The lady from Lekki too had her picture taken and it was shared on Twitter, and soon she got a call from Andela, an IT firm. The lesson? Make use of social media networks- Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to boost your search.
Not only can you use them to search, but you can also find. A lot of people advertise offers and openings on their social media networks. Remember when a popular actress hired a p.a off instragram? Exactly!

Hope this helps you, and o, before i go off, quick one; can you do what those ladies did?

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