#SkincareSaturday Before you throw that toothbrush away...

Dentists tell us to throw our toothbrush away once we have used it for three months. And that is great. For your teeth.
But, do you know when it comes to your hair, skin and face, there is so much you can use your toothbrush for?

Check out my top three favourite things to do with old toothbrushes

1. Hair brush
Keep an old toothbrush in your car or bag to help brush your hair on the move. It helps tackle those little stubborn hair strands and also beats carrying big brushes everywhere.

2. Eyebrow brush
The first trick i was taught by make up artistes? Brush your eyebrows with a toothbrush.
Of course nowadays, most of us have all the professional brushes but if you ever do lose one, keep an old toothbrush handy before you replace it.

3. Lip exfoliator
To get smoother lips that your lipglosses will love,get rid of dead skin cells on your lips by brushing with a toothbrush. First put a natural exfoliator like sugar then brush gently with the toothbrush. Rinse and enjoy the tingle!

4. For the face
You may find that sponges are great for your body but you are scared to use the, on your face because they will be harsh. On the other hand, your face does need scrubbing once or twice? That's where a toothbrush with soft or mild bristles works perfectly. Just brush your face gently and enjoy this natural scrub.

What do you think about these tips and is there anything other than brushing your teeth that you use your toothbrush for?

Answer on my instagram for a chance to win this week's giveaway- a selection of skincare and beauty products!

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