#TravelThursday My Seychelles Beauty haul

#TravelTip when you go somewhere, check out their beauty products! Every area has that special thing you can only get there so bring some of that magic with you.

I went to Seychelles a few weeks ago and loved the sand the sun and the sea. So what about Seychelles is harnessed to make skin supple and people happy?

Turns out Seychelles has a lot to offer!

First I stumbled on this line called 'Yikings' which has a range of products for various skin types and needs. I copped the lip balm, some scrubs, face mist, skin rejuvenation lotion and cleanser.

Then at a souvenir shop, I found gems like these cute soaps (some already packaged as souvenirs), and lotions.

The natural products I got were mainly coconuts and lemon grass but there was also the peach one just for the smell.

I should have got some sunscreen though! Lol. So that's another tip- don't forget your sunscreen!

So that's my current haul and I'm enjoying using all of them, especially the facial soaps and body scrubs.

What's the best product you've bought while on holiday? s.h.a.r.e!

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