#MondayMotivation You can't get it back

I remember one time when I lost my hundred naira. My dad saw me looking distraught and said okay o, here's another hundred.

I was grateful, but I still kept crying.

Well my theory was, if I had not lost that initial hundred, now I would have two hundred, not hundred.

It made sense to me at the time and upset me. Until I figured, even if my dad gave me another hundred to make it two, then I would only think about how it could have been three.. And on and on. So, hey, Tosyn, free it!
You can't get it back.

I remember this every time I lose something. I ask, "will you rather keep regretting things you can't have or do you want to move on and enjoy what you do have?". Usually it works and I do move on.

Regret is a dangerous street. It brings up the past and offers you pain with no healing. You can't let it suck you in, keep moving till you turn off.

Think of things you've lost- money, jobs, love, whatever. Is thinking about it now bringing it back? Exactly. So keep moving!!!

I hope this helps, and please s.h.a.r.e with me- what is one thing you wish you could get back?

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