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Hi all!

Today's giveaway comes courtesy one of my make up artistes!

I'll tell the story of how we met one day but I love her because she's so calm and smiles all the time!
Plus she's very patient (which you need to be when you have to work on my face in between speech breaks on air) and does good work!

So I had a little chat with her on her birthday (yesterday), about who she is and why she does what she does!

To win a free make up session with her at the iDazzle studio, just read the chat below, then answer this question "Who is head make up artiste at iDazzle?" over on my instagram. You must be following both iDazzle and myself to win!

Good luck!

T.B: Happy Birthday! Let's start with that! New age. What feels different?
iDazzle: The major difference is the realization of what really matters in life. It's not about the flashy and material things but making an impact and showing love when you can.
Usually, I'd celebrate and go all out..but this time around I decided to shift focus and opted to celebrate with the less privileged who would appreciate it more. The smiles on their faces made my day!

T.B: Now I have you saved on my phone as 'IDazzle', lol. But of course your name is Idowu. Tell me a bit more though.
iDazzle: My full name is Idowu Ogundare, and I'm Head makeup artist at iDazzle.
I've always had a keen interest in makeup right from college days. I had even enrolled at a beauty college but my Mum totally disagreed and insisted I got a degree first, so I went ahead and studied Computer Science at King's College, London.
Worked for a year at an IT Company then got bored and went back to my first love and that's how it all started.
Been at it now for almost 4 years and thankfully we are growing each day.

T.B: What's the biggest misconception about the beauty industry?
iDazzle: I wish ppl would understand that being popular doesn't mean you are the best but let skills speak!

Amen sister!

iDazzle is a makeup and beauty outfit, known for flawless Make-Up artistry, Sale of quality makeup products, eyelash extensions, headgear tying, and ladies accessories.

They are located at 25 Oluwaleimu street, off Amore street, Toyin street, Ikeja.
Tel: 07014821396
F: idazzle
I: idazzlemakeover
T: idazzlestudio

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