#SkincareSaturday Oats... for health, nutrition and skincare

When I was growing up, oats were the same thing as dirt to me- to be stayed away from.
I didn't want it for breakfast because I thought oats were tasteless and boring.
In the past year though, I have become an oats ambassador of sorts. They really are, the goods! When it comes to health, nutrition and skin, oats are great for you. And guess what? I've moved oats away from my thoughts as breakfast meal to simply meal.
One fine day I was hungry, had some leftover meat but didn't want anything heavy. I saw the oats and thought, why not? Googled some oats recipes and was pleasantly surprised. That day, i poured the oats in stock and ate it. Almost like it was a side for the beef.
Try delicious, NUTRITIOUS and healthy alternative weirdness!

Oats help with bowel movement, are not high in sugar and are a fitness dream as well.

And o. Extra tip. Don't pour excess oats away. Turn it into a face scrub. Your skin will thank you for it!

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