#TravelThursday Let's go to Mauritius!

Last year, i went with Multichoice to Mauritius for the #OnlyTheBest content showcase and while that in itself was an adventure, discovering Mauritius made it even more beautiful.

Here are some quick facts about Mauritius

- It is actually in Africa.
It can be difficult to believe especially as you have to connect via Dubai, and bla la la but yes it is! It is near South Africa, to the East of the famous Madagascar island!

- Remember Dodo?
No, not fried plantain.
Dodo,the bird? There was a cartoon on NTA back in the day? Well the Dodo bird was actually real and is the nationa bird of Mauritius. I say 'was' though because they are now extinct. When it was still around, it was only found in Mauritius, and nowhere else in the whole world. Now that is something, 
Imagine a selfie with a dodo?!

- Mauritius has sugarcane. In ABUNDANCE. As their MAJOR cash crop. Large Sugarcane plantations are a common sight through out the small island country. They also grow tea too. So their revenue comes mainly from sugarcane, tea and then tourists.

- The beaches of Mauritius are to die for! White sand, trees and clear turquoise waters will have you forgetting your troubles and wishing you could live there forever. Which you can, if you have enough Mauritian rupees (their legal currency).

- What else have i not mentioned? There are NO wild animals in Mauritius. Or so they say. Who's going to stay to find out if the snakes and more are actually poisonous.

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