#MondayMotivation How to get on with it! Plus, a Dj Spinall tip

Let's be honest! Some days, you can't do it. 
Or at least you think you can't.

You can't go to work
You can't go to school
You can't face people
You can't smile.

That's a lot of can'ts.

And here's one more- you can't do that.

In an ideal world, we would "take all the time you need" but as grown ups, we have to get up and go, no matter what we are dealing with and each one of us has something we do to get things going.

I chatted with Dj Spinall on my show this morning and he told me he has a go to song that he plays when he is feeling down but still has to dj at an event. I have that too. Just a set of songs that pump me up.
And that's my first tip for you-

* Have a Go-To
It could be a go to song, Bible verse or poem that leaves you pumped!

* Psych yourself
I am not averse to throwing punches like Ali when I'm in the studio feeling down. I start dancing and psyching myself up. Err, just remember to do this away from people lest they call a doctor..

* Separate the two
They say women are able to compartmentalise better. I say, we all need to learn to separate. Don't bring those emotions from personal life to the workplace, and especially not with colleagues, bosses or clients. I can't be on air crying, dj Spinall can't start playing "my heart will go on" at a wedding just cos he's heartbroken.
Separate it!
Practise and it makes perfect.

* Deal with it
I don't want to end this post on a defeatist or 'avoidance' note.
It's important to deal with whatever it is getting you down. If it's something that can be solved, solve it. Whatever it is, deal with it.
So, how do YOU cope?

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