#SkincareSaturday Don't forget your sunscreen!

I remember some years ago, I had an accident that left me unwilling and unable to drive. Those became my taxi months and boy do I have stories to tell about the experience (series anyone?).

But back to hopping cabs everywhere.

By the time I got my mojo back and started driving again, I realised something frightening - the sun isn't your friend.

I began the slow process of trying to heal my skin and we got to a good place eventually.

Black people revel in the fact that we have melanin and boy is melanin sexy. But we take that as an excuse to ignore protecting ourselves from the sun. We may not see it immediately but it will damage our skin. Not only that, but there is also the risk of skin cancer.
So what can you do to prevent skin damage?

* Always use sunscreen!
SPF 30 is great. Some sunscreens leave some stupid streaks on your skin so be sure to use sunscreen made for black skin. Also, while the face shows damage quicker, remember to protect your arms and legs and places usually exposed to the sun.

* Hats are your friend!
Heading to the beach? Rock a hat. Get baseball ('face') caps for your commute even if it does not match your outfit. You can keep it in your bag then wear when you are trying to get a cab or bus.

* Limit your exposure
Plan your day and movement so you are not getting the sun at the worst.

* Shade and Shades
Don't throw shade, get under the shade. And rock some stylish fashionable shades.
Of course I can't take my advice re: the latter since I wear recommended glasses, but you can always get your prescription put in some shades, or go for photocromic lens which will go dark and protect you when the sun is out.

* Repair
If your skin HAS been damaged, it's time to fix this.
Check my next skincare post for how to repair!

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