Why I think Iceland Should Win the Euros 2016

Yes, because first off, it will make a great story.
 Iceland the underdog team, winning the tournament? It would be bigger than the story of Leicester winning the English Premier League.

Lol. I am of course now fascinated by Iceand. a nation with the population of over 300000 only. That is like the size of a village in Nigeria o, and almost a hundred thousand fewer people than follow Ronaldo on twitter!

- They are so non-violent, that they do not have an army, navy or air force, plus their police do not carry guns.

- Their national sport is handball. And yes, this country, whose national sport is handball, held a Portugal side with Cristiano Ronaldo playing, to a draw! They have shown great heart.

- Get this- they qualified for their first ever World Cup in 2014, becoming the smallest ever nation to do that.

- Despite their non-violent disposition, one of the most violent characters from the popular Game of Thrones Series is from Iceland. Yup- The Mountain, whose real name is: ‎Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson .

He even made a funny Youtube video, where he threatened, (in jest of course) to remove Ronaldo's head if he scored against his team.

- As for football, experts say because they were not used to football at that level, they did not know all the diving gimmicks and other theatrics. Which means they played clean. Another achievement in my books!

You can see why i am rooting for this peace loving, honest and pure people. I think it is time i visit Iceland myself, who wants to come along?

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