#MondayMotivation Learning to beat Procrastination

Hi all.
It is another Monday and while i had something else to feature on Monday Motivation before, i stumbled on a tweet that made me change direction.

Basically someone on twitter was asking for tips on how to deal with procrastination. Oddly enough, one of the articles that popped up while i was checking news stories this morning was one on one thing ALL billionaires don't do. According to the writer, after talking to a number of billionaires, he found out that they DON't procrastinate.

So there we go.

While making billions is not the only thing there is to strive for, there is no doubt that whether you want success in personal life, financial freedom or success in your career, you have to conquer the vice of procrastination. A vice i am well acquainted with and while i have not fully conquered my tendency to procrastinate, i have found out how to deal with it.

1. Find out why you procrastinate.
We procrastinate because we are easily distracted, afraid, a little lazy or just prefer to take the scenic route for everything. Next time you put doing something off, find out why. Tackling the root cause will help you.

2. Create reminders
Set reminders for practical times and then when it comes up on your phone, DO IT!
Say for example, you have set 'call mechanic' for 2pm and it goes off, DO IT, even if you are eating. If you snooze or reschedule, you may never get to it!

3. Let Proverbs be a guide.
Things like, "a little sleep, a little slumber, so shall poverty come upon you" are like that cane parents held... anti-foolishness reminder.

4. Be practical.
Sometimes we really do try to do too much. If you fill your day with too many tasks, it is like filling your plate with too much food at a buffet- nothing gets fully enjoyed. Be wise!

These four tips help me be better at doing things when i am supposed to. I hope it helps you too.

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