#BrunchThots Lunch with Ramsey Nouah

He is a prolific actor, one who many consider to be a front runner of 'Nollywood' as we know it. While he may not have the notoriety a lot of the newer actors are famous for, Ramsey Nouah has had that staying power, Peter Panning his way to our screens once in a worth-it while.


Just fresh off a movie- '30 Days in Atlanta', and with new one, 'Gbomo Gbomo Express' out soon, Ramsey is both busy but quiet, and somehow still manages to captivate us and make us star struck.

So what can we learn from someone like Ramsey who has stayed relevant in a tough industry?

  •  The first thing you need is PASSION. What has kept him going in the industry for this long is passion and the love he has for it
  • Keep Paying your Dues. There is no such thing as you are done paying your dues because that means you have put a ceiling on your growth.
And what's his secret to his youthfulness? He says Be Happy, Don't Keep Things In and Learn to Let Things Go!!!

It was a great session with Ramsey and we are thankful that he left us with some good thoughts!


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