#TBDaily x Monday Motivation: Power

Today during a chat with a tv host, he asked me about this power on air personalities seem to have over music careers.

Let me be the first to say it here that I don't believe a radio or television presenter can make or break your career. First, there are too many ways for an artiste to shine than some random on air personality that won't play their song. Secondly, radio is more than just music and artistes. We talk, break news, do non music personality interviews and the like.
But I digress.
Back to power.
Everyone is powerful. Disagree? Then try buying fuel when there's fuel scarcity and watch your neighbourhood attendant become a king. Or meet with the security guard at an estate or a company you need to absolutely go into.
We all have some kind of power and in wielding same we need to be careful. While a degree of firmness, a dose of toughness and some lines are needed, you have to be careful not to cross over to 'wickedness' or 'spitefulness'.
What do you think about power and how can one handle power with care?

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