#TBDaily x #MondayMotivation And never let go

My cousin and I had a chat this Sunday. About music and entertainment in Nigeria mainly. Just like I have convos with my sister, I shd do convos with my cousin. It's always fun chatting with him cos he has an opinion (informed) about EVERYTHING. And one.


I told him that what I wish most is that 6 years ago when I had the choice between full time radio or my music right after NYSC, I should have done music.

(P.s, check out my album on soundcloud.

See back then my music was termed 'weird', 'different', 'won't sell' and everything but good. I was frustrated. I remember going to record with a producer when I was in school and every one from the owner of the studio to random people at the studio discouraged me.

I shouldn't have listened. But if I am to be honest, it shook me a lot. Then of course after service I got my job at Top Radio 90.9.

Radio and Music seem complementary but if you do one, the other suffers. Check out every radio personality that has music out. Music always feels like a side hustle. Music demands things we can't give it if we are 'cheating' with other things. Like when someone tries to keep their bank job but still make music- it hardly works.

My cousin firmly believes I made the right choice though. He thinks I've done so well with entertainment / media and that music is such a gamble that it could have gone either way.

Who knows. Life doesn't offer us a sliding door where we can see how different our lives would have been if we turned left instead of right.

But I still do my music. When I can.

In my head I'm going to focus.
Either way I will tell you now- if you have the passion and drive for something and it won't let you go, don't let it go either!

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