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Its the first Monday in June. In a few days, we'll have spent the first half of 2018. How are those goals doing? Just checking in :)
Today, we are crushing on fast rising artiste, Miraculous Nwaka popularly known as 4runner. I had a short chat with him to know a bit about his music and how it all began. It's a quick one today so enjoy ;)

Hi 4runner! 

1) How did music begin for you and which musicians did you listen to growing up?

4RUNNER:  Thank you for having me. Music for me started at a pretty young age. Back then I will spend vacations at my cousin's house and listen to his CD's of Bow wow, Tupac and 50 cent. You know the 50 in one compilation that Alaba boys sell? Yes that one. Those were fun times. Funny enough the first rap song I could completely spit was the KKB show theme song. Then things got serious in secondary school with rap contests. Good times. Now it is still my passion and I guess God keeps confirming that to me every season with song reach on unexpected platforms like the recently concluded Big brother Naija. Most importantly for me, the reason for making music gets clearer by the seasons.

2) Who is one musician you wish would drop some bars on your song?

4RUNNER: The Nigerian music scene is representing on major levels with amazing artists. Out of the many, I will like to have a song with Falz because I vibe with his music and feel our music is a bit in sync, especially with the recent "This is Nigeria" song. Music for me goes beyond just entertainment but also influencing social change.

3) What's one thing you hope your music will achieve as long as it lives?

4RUNNER: I hope my music inspires every listener to believe in the possibility of a better tomorrow. With the news and situation in the country, people need hope to keep moving . I want my music to be that trigger of hope when you listen.

4) Whats on your mind today?
4RUNNER: Lol the major thing on my mind today is the spicy Asun I will happily feast on soon. You are invited.

That's it guys, if there's anyone you'll like me to interview, let me know
Stay inspired,

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