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Happy Wednesday! Hope your week is going well? and if not here's something that is sure to help you spice it up.
Our WCW is a medical doctor and a Fashion and lifestyle blogger. I had a short chat with her to find out a bit of what it's like being both. Today, we are crushing on the beautiful Cassandra Ikegbune, popularly known as Cassie Daves.

Hi Cassie!

1)     You are a fashion blogger and a medical doctor, what do you love most about your career path?
CASSIE DAVES: I love being able to create content and the satisfaction that comes with "just creating". Seeing all your ideas come to life, whether it is in fom of a blog post, video, or even products (i.e the Cassie Daves blog planner). With medicine, it would be the respect that comes with the title. Not the answer you were expecting right? lol

2)     Did you ever at anytime deal with not being taken seriously, as a blogger and how were you able to deal with that?

CASSIE DAVES:   Oh yes definitely! I even wrote a post about it. Whenever I say that I am a blogger, especially working in the medical field and having colleagues that aren't as exposed to the social scene, there was always the "oh linda ikeji gossip blog" response and people would look at me like I was wasting my time/life. I just didn't place any importance on their opinions. That's how I coped with it. Because I know that they do not understand and I also know my worth as a blogger.

3)     What 3 tips would you say have helped you become a successful blogger?

CASSIE DAVES: Tips? I don't think there's any particular tip per se but definitely actually being invested and a part of the 'blogosphere'. And by this I mean making blogger friends, networking and showing love to other bloggers contents etc. Asides this, I honestly think that the fact that I write from a place of "openness" and people can connect to that.

4)     How do you keep yourself constantly inspired?

CASSIE DAVES: Reading other blogs/sites, pinterest, instagram, observing my surroundings because inspiration can come in any form. Sometimes I get ideas from a random conversation I have with someone. It's really amazing.

5)     If you could say something to someone starting out as a content creator, what advice will you give them?

CASSIE DAVES: Try to be as aunthetic as possible. Stay true to yourself.

6)     You’re a lover of literature, what’s your most favourite book of all time?
CASSIE DAVES: Homegoing by Yaa Gyaasi. That book is everything and more! My goodness!

8)      What’s on your mind this Wednesday?
CASSIE DAVES:  Hans and Rene Gelato and if it makes any sense to cross the bridge to the island just for icecream *sigh*

That's it guys! Catch Cassandra on her blog
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