Waaaaasssssuuuup guys!

When I type like that, you know I'm on another level of 'happy'. Our WCW is someone whose work I'm completely obsessed with. I admire her work ethic and I'm amazed at how little she has achieve in such a short time and at at such a young age. She's a Disc Jockey (DJ), singer and producer.
Our WCW is the beautiful Florence Ifeoluwa Otedola, You'll know her as DJ CUPPY. This interview is definitely a fun one to read.
Enjoy  ;)

1) You’re a DJ, what do you love most about the career path you’ve chosen for yourself?
DJ CUPPY: That has to be pleasing the crowd and making people feel good through music, I mean, Djing is so powerful! Furthermore, I get to do what I love which so many people struggle to achieve. I always say, find a job you love and never ever work a day in your life. I feel so productive and fulfilled, truly God’s plan!

2) What’s one quirky thing about you that people aren’t quick to believe?
DJ CUPPY: I have OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) meaning I am really particular about things. Whilst this can be great, it can also have its disadvantages, when things aren’t close to perfect, I get thrown off. I think my managers think I’m a little crazy. Sometimes, I have to remind myself that I’m human and things can’t always go my way. 

3)  You got your name DJ CUPPY from cupcakes- if that name had been taken, what would you have used?
DJ CUPPY: Such an interesting question! I used to be called DJ Cupcake actually, back when I was 16. I mean, people used to call me Cups, Cupstar, Cuppito, etc… So if ‘CUPPY” had been taken, I would have chosen from the other options, people used to call me ‘OTEDDY’ from my surname. Thank Goodness Cuppy wasn’t taken, LOL. Phew!

4)     One thing you love to do outside of work is?
DJ CUPPY: When I have free time if I’m not travelling, I’m usually trying out restaurants. I am SUCH a foodie. I can’t lie, eating makes me happy. Hence my weight fluctuates a lot. I really want to get into cooking properly I just need to find time, maybe once I’m done conquering the world. Cuppy takes the kitchen REAL soon!

5)   What keeps you inspired during low days?
DJ CUPPY: I love seeing other young people who are doing something totally different than what I’m doing. It inspires me to want to learn more and keep pushing. We’re all aspirational youths trying to fulfill our dreams in our different fields… I definitely feel like there’s a new wave of young Africans ready to change the continent. 

6)     Do you imagine yourself being successful in another career path asides DJ/Music? If yes what is it?
DJ CUPPY: Definitely yes! Because aside being a DJ/Artiste I am a business woman. I have 2 degrees; one from King’s College London and the other from New York university. At 21 years old, I established a management company called Red Velvet Music Group with several entrepreneural ambitions which I still plan to fulfill outside Djing. 

7)     What’s one thing you'd like to say to your '20 year old' and '50 year old' self respectively?
DJ CUPPY: I say this to myself all the time “Cuppy keep chasing your dreams, inspiring others, changing the rules”. 5 years ago when I was 20, I certainly would have been doubting myself asking questions about if I was going in the right direction and if I had what it took. Being where I am now, I would encourage myself to keep pushing. 

8)     What’s on your mind this Wednesday?
DJ CUPPY: This Wednesday I’ll be in New York doing press rounds promoting my sophomore single ‘Vybe’, then rushing back home to Lagos in the evening for a show. I am always on the move, literally. #CuppyOnAMission

 That's it guys!
Continue to stay inspired ;)

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