#EventWednesday Olorisupergal turned 6... (Not the girl, the company)

Did i ever tell you guys i lost my voice? Like literally open mouth and no sound. I was quite worried o, and now i understand why people insure the funniest things.

But what does that have to do with Olorisupergal at 6.

Let me jump to the beginning first. marked its sixth year anniversary in Lagos at a get together attended by stars like Gbenga Adeyinka, Tee A and Sisi Yemmie. Thankfully, i did not have to gate crash because i was invited to also host the event and boy was i happy.

Till, i lost my voice. Tried everything (and we need to talk about some great natural remedies for your voice) but it didn't clear in time so i was glad comedian, Gbenga Adeyinka could take over and host it instead. Fun Fact: Do you know the owner of olorisupergal, Tosin Ajibade, once worked for Gbenga?

Olorisupergal has grown from being one of Nigeria’s first blogspot hubs into a full urban lifestyle force in Nigeria. Olorisupergal has produced New Media Conference, a travel website ‘Travel Africa Story’ which will be a year in less than 2 weeks. Travel Africa Story was created out of Tosin Ajibade's passion for travelling with her partner Adekunle Owolabi.

Tosin Ajibade, founder of, was named as one of Nigeria’s most influential women in 2015. From news to fashion, arts and culture and lifestyle, is one of Nigeria’s leading hubs for pop culture and urban lifestyle.

Guests at the get together were treated to lots to eat and drink, plus a little insight into how it all began, some of her challenges, and what is to come. I asked her how often she blogged when she first began and she said she didn't start off with a schedule, especially since when she started she would have to look for a business centre, the internet was a lot slower (yes folks, internet used to be a lot slower) and so on but she tends to blog ALL the time because there is always something happening.

I had saved my voice well enough to be able to speak about when i first met Olori- i had just got on radio and she wanted to do an interview. She was tenacious and we did it. One of my first back then.

Was excited to take selfies with everyone from SisiYemmie to DatGuyKofo and DemolaExpoze, and also eat cake. Plus, i got to go with goody bags courtesy TravelAfricaStory, which by the way, is Tosin Ajibade's other 'huzzle'.

Congratulations to her once again!

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