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It was Day 245 of being single in Las Gidi and I was headed for one of those cocktail parties that someone invites you to, maybe because they have a quota they have to fill up or maybe because they genuinely want you there.

I didn't mind. It was Friday night and I was bored.

Plus it was the kind of party that was sure to have free booze. And hey, what girl doesn't like free booze?

Blue summery dress that translates well from day to night? Check
Pink shoes with kitten heels because aint nobody got time for pain? Check
Some make up, some perfume and lip gloss for the road? Check.

I left home like I usually do when I go out-  open mind closed legs.

I had been at the party for like forty minutes before I spotted him. It was, as I expected, one of those quota invitations so I said all but five words to the person who invited me. I did see a lot of famous people, including the actor, Gbade Ademiro. She was so chic.

There had been a paucity of nibbles, with the waiters bringing out small sandwiches, little crepes and a lot of cheese. I should have eaten before leaving, my stomach said, not too kindly. And then, like someone had heard me, I saw them setting up a barbecue. Thank you universe!!!

Of course most people like me, did the "I didn't see them set up, I just happen to want to move outside" dance and we nearly came to blows reaching for the barbecue. And that's  when he reached out and became my hero. Grabbed himself a plate and one for me too. Then when get got some of the chicken, he made sure I got some too. I was so thankful I almost fell to my knees... O wait. That's a movie.

So we began talking. This guy and I. He was easy to talk to and the chemistry was instant. We went from what we do (he's a doctor) to the state of the nation (when is Buhari visiting Nigeria again) to music (we would buy a Paul album for sure, and go for Peter concerts) to everything.

We spoke about Nollywood and I mentioned Gbade was around. He said he had seen her too and was a fan. So we both decided to go say hi. Fingers crossed she isn't as stuck up as she is beautiful though.
But she wasn't. She was gracious. And then she asked, "so how long have you guys been dating?". Ha ha ha. I blushed. Or I think I did. We both denied it furiously. "We just met" I protested.

She refused to believe us. "Yeah right. You guys just met and the chemistry is this great? Tell me something else".
Try as we could, we couldn't- she wasn't having it.

We left her and it didn't even turn awkward. Doc and I just kept right on talking.

So now it's 10pm and I really do want to leave. Plus, isn't there a rule as to how long a single girl can chat with a single guy she just met at a party for?

I don't know but if there wasn't, I was about to invent one.
So I said I was leaving. And then...
Two pecks and he was off.

What just happened.

Isn't that the part where he asks for my number and then calls me tomorrow and we go and see a movie then again on Sunday and by harmattan we are married?

Wait what?
Why is he leaving?

I swear, this guy didn't even ask my name!!! Like my full name! How is he going to find me on frigging facebook if he doesn't even know my name???

(So this story has two endings. Tell me which you prefer)

I was devastated and walked dejectedly to my car. A black car stopped and it was the actress. I said, almost in tears, "he didn't ask for my number". She gave a sad smile and rolled the glass up.
And then drove off.
Leaving me... Alone

I was devastated and walked dejectedly to my car. A black car stopped and it was the actress. I said, almost in tears, "he didn't ask for my number". She gave a sad smile and said, "that's because he already has mine. Then she rolls the glass down fully and I see Doc.
And that's when it clicked.
The actress had got married last year... To a doctor.

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