What I Am Loving At The Moment... Love, Make Up Artistes and Tahari

It is Valentine's Day tomorrow so that is a great opportunity for me to talk about love.
Yeah right.

Like Top Radio 90.9 on air personality, Yomi Kazeem said to me the other day, "you are a tomboy, you talk about sports, not love". Na wa o!

But, i do look forward to spending time with my best friend, and here is hoping i get a teddy bear. Lord knows i have left him enough hints. I would tell you what i got him but he reads my blog so final 'hint' babes- TeddyBear!

Apart from teddy bears, what else am i loving at the moment?

Make Up Artistry
When i apply my make up myself, i am more about doing it quick and simple

When i sit down with a professional though, i let them do the work. Most times i do not look into the mirror till they finish because i enjoy the transformation from cute to va va voom!
Naija's make up game is off the hinges and kudos to everyone who is doing it well! Special shout out to my three favourites!

I met Preye when i did my first proper professional shoot. She is creative, has good energy and also styles hair so well.
MzPreye did my hair and make up for this shoot

IDazzle Makeovers
IDazzle is fun to be with, patient and non intrusive, and i love that she has a signature look.

OTM (Abuja)
When i went to Abuja for #Obi2016, i discovered OTM. Now i wish she would move to Lagos permanently because she is that good! She is professional, fast and leaves you natural but glam. So Abuja folks, lucky you!

When you've got just thirty minutes to shop, you tend to panic. And panic I did for a bit while trying to pick a dress. The ones I found were either too big, or too small. (I'm learning that my size is not 'usual'. My jeans tend to be too long or my tops don't fit. The reason is most off-the-racks have a basic idea of how people look).

But I digress.

So I'm looking around and then I it!
Something about this dress made me fall in love, something about it screamed 'Natalie Wood'! So I tried it on and knew I had to have it.

What I paired it with
* I asked Biola of One Touch Makeovers for something glam since the dress was so simple. We went with plum lips and nude eyes.

* I forgot my jewellery box in Lagos but thankfully had these green pieces by Leesabeth Jewels on hand. Green on green? It worked!!!

* Black shoes with white studs.

What it can also be paired with
* Silver would give more contrast and pop
* Yellow is riskier but if it works (like yellow shoes), then it will be so bold and beautiful.

Let me see your best look this week and also feel free to s.h.a.r.e how you'd have styled this dress.
And o, what are YOU loving at the moment?

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