#MondayMotivation If you want to go far...

"If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together"

I have started this post five times. I kid you not. And that in itself is what the post is about. I know what I want to say, I can see it and say it, but to turn it into a post that makes sense and conveys my thoughts? A little harder.

I used to think this was a function of the creative mind, but I saw the trait in different ways. My cousin and I would ponder over a problem and I'd be there with a thousand solutions, but if you asked me to actually do those things, I'd be like, 'err'. He on the other hand, can do these things in little or no time.

In theory, it's also why I can never seem to tidy my room. Or maybe that's ocd. And I digress.

But back to my story.
This trait as I like to call it is 'Big Picture'.

Some people see the big picture while some see fine details. Some people are able to dream up grand ideas and some are able to plug those holes and build beneath the dreams. In an ideal world, much like thinkers and doers, Mr Big Picture and Miss Fix It would work together and create magic. This rarely happens though for other reasons like not spotting this kismet, refusing to put pride aside, wanting the glory and more.

But when it does happen, like to some extent with Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, imagine the genius the world is treated to!
(Ps, at this point I have to plead with you to please read the Steve Jobs autobiography whenever you can).

For the longest time, I hired or worked with people much like me- dreamers. We would sit for hours and come up with grand plans but I could never really then put the structure down and that would always blow up in our faces. I'm learning to spot the people I should work with though and there's such a difference.

This trait can show up in your personal life or professional one. I blame it for why it takes me months to arrange my wardrobe, especially if I move or travel. In my head, I know where everything should go but I find the actual putting things in place to be so distracting. I've met people though who can arrange their rooms in five minutes flat and I'm like uhn?

The smart thing to do is partner with people who we can go far with. 'Partner' in this post is used loosely. I'm not asking you to give over fifty percent of every idea you have to people. I do encourage you though to be selective with who you work with and surround yourself with.
If you find that you need help putting things in place then you should get people who can do that. And if by any chance you're so good at fixing and doing things but need a bit of direction and 'big picture', don't be ashamed to ask for help.

In the end, do what makes you happy; that is my bottomline.

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