#MondayMotivation Are you Shy or Silly?

Are you shy or silly?

Okay I apologise, this header is a bit harsh. But hey, it could have been worse. I could have said 'stupid'. Forgive me, I just really really like my alliterations.

Let me explain what I mean though.

I am a shy person.

* I'm giving you a few moments to faint and not believe me here*

But I am though. And it's a cross when you don't know how to deal with it. There are actually a lot of media personalities who are shy as well but the beauty of it is we can hide behind fierce alter egos who do the work for us. But give us a more intimate social situation and we become awkward. That's why sometimes you meet a celebrity who doesn't say a word to you.

For me, my job makes me larger than life. People see me away from my mic and expect to see me shouting "Areaaaa" or something. Lol. Meanwhile me I'd much rather be in a corner counting the dots on my trainers than looking into your eyes.

Ah, eye contact. This thing kills us, the shy ones. Add to that, talking to a small group of people, walking into a meeting last, addressing a small audience, or talking about ourselves.
There is something I have noticed about shy people though- we get misunderstood a lot. If I got a naira for everytime I have heard someone I know to be shy described as 'snobbish', 'aloof', 'proud' or worse, I'd be richer than Dangote.

It was really bad in university, coming from Queens' College and watching people taken down unfairly because their shyness was mistaken for looking down on others.
Unfortunately, some people actually let being shy become a crutch they lean on and blame their bad behaviour on. Like when because you are shy you refuse to acknowledge people at a social, formal, or other gathering.

The thing is, the world will not always understand your shyness and it's easy to demand the world meets and loves us as we are but unless you plan to work indoors only (o what a life), us shy people have to learn a few tricks to cope with the real world.

These are some of my tips for you but you can google and read up more things to do and practise.
1. Rehearse and practise walking into a room and saying hello. Do it at home where you are alone from time to time till you master it.
2. Smile. People will quite often forgive the biggest infractions if you smile at them. Walking into a room frowning or 'being yourself' (which is a straight face to you but a frown to others) is a big downer. So when you meet people or walk into a room, SMILE!!!
3. Don't over compensate.
It's easy to spot an insecure person- they are more often than not, the ones boasting. So as a shy person, becareful not to go over the top in trying to fit in. Sometimes we just try too hard.
I hope this helps you. Feel free to leave a comment

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