#ShopTosyn x Getting ready in less than 20minutes!

Hi all.
As you may know, i am on radio in the mornings from 6am to 11am (Top Radio 90.9) so my daily look has to be easy to achieve but still good enough for say, pictures or videos.
I wanted to use today as a case study for how i manage to get ready in about thirty minutes every day.

First i parted my hair into two equal halves then plaited eight braids. From there, you can style and manipulate the hair anyway you want.
Have rubber bands, hair bands and hair pins handy!!!

+ How how to do at least three styles that are simple, easy and quick to finish, and that work for your face.

I started with a make up base and then my foundation. I love applying foundation with my fingers by the way... i find it gives me better control. For the eyes, i actually used blush as eyeshadow. Ha Ha Ha! Love it. One day when i have time, i will actually try lipstick as eye shadow. Used some concealer under the eyes, put some dark then pink blush for the cheeks to define it and then powder. For the lips, i wanted to try something red but dark so i lined the lips with chocolate lipstick and then used some red lip gloss.
I love darker shades but they can be a pain if you don't get it right or pose for pictures right. Finished with powder.

+ Same as with your hair, for when you are rushing, you need to know the top three to five things your face needs.

To be honest, i had a different outfit planned for today but it was one of those what you saw in your head and how the combination looks for real are so different. Had to change to something simple but still stylish.
Thankfully i had these shorts i had just got, paired with one of my favourite 'blouses' and voila! I was ready.

+ The best way to get out of the house quickly is to put your outfit out the night before. BUT, to give you even extra mileage, arrange your wardrobe so you can see things you can pair beautifully, easily.

I hope this helps and i want to hear from you- How long does it take you to get ready for work and what are your 'cheats' for looking great in just a few minutes?

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