#TBDaily x My 2017 basic hair care routine

Hi everyone
So since i have had so many enquiries about my hair care routine, here goes.

First off, a word of caution- as with everything else, hair is individual and what works for one may not work for all. While i won't recommend playing too much with your hair as some things may cause irreparable damage, there is nothing wrong with trying things.

For me, i put my hair care down to three things;
- washing
- mosturising
- styling
- letting it breathe!

Okay so when it comes to washing ones hair, there is a big debate about how often you should tdo that. I am from the 'not too often' school of thought because i feel a little dirt and oil is good for it. If you do not have dandruff, it does not smell and you have not been rolling in the sand, your hair should be fine. I wash my hair regularly, but also right before i want it to lose its volume and be more manageable.
( p.s, i washed it with coke once. read about that here- )

I am a fan of baby products. If it is good enough for baby, it can't harm adults right? So i use baby oil on my hair. When my hair was shorter i used a lot of Virgin Hair Fertiliser because i liked the smell, feel and results. I actually will buy some more come Monday. It really helps. I believe in trying things once in a while but i always go back to my oils in whatever shape or brand.

While for a big red carpet event, i get help from hairstylists like Preye of MzPreye Makeovers, i experiment with new styles often. The length of your hair affects the styles you can rock with it and now that my hair is longer, i miss bangs. I do find that styles that involve pulling the hair show off its length a bit more so buns for example.
Quite often though, i will just let it breathe and be as too much manipulation can cause breakage and loss of hair.

And that is one thing i do for my hair and skin- let it breathe.

If i am not working, or won't be taking pictures, i keep my hair and skin easy breezy. Don't stress your hair, especially if you are older than 25. And if you are not yet 25 and reading this, then please do all you can with it now! Lol

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