#TBDaily x #MondayMotivation A Day is a Day is a Day

Growing up, Mondays felt sacred. I watched people treat Monday like a mystical day. You had to 'price' the goods in the market properly, not fight with your neighbours and not give bad or stressful information because 'o saro Monday" (it was early Monday morning).

For me, i hated Sunday evenings because they brought the week, not just Monday, but every single day i would have to wake up early, then go to school and get some homework for the next day. Till today, Sunday evenings can be scary for me.

Between university and NYSC, when i could truly let my inner gypsy shine because lectures / classes could be at anytime so Mondays were no longer as special, i fell back to loving each day for what it brought.

It was refreshing to not have Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays etc, but have 'Family Law', 'Js 3' etc. For holidays, days became blurry and Monday (and to a lesser extent, Sunday), lost its scare.

For those of us in the creative industry, or who run companies outside a 9 to 5, the same effect is there. Like i tell people, i work on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays... any day that ends with day.

The best way to tackle these things really is to not attach any special or mystic importance to any day in particular. That is not to say you shouldn't chart your energy levels and know your best days, but when we have all these 'moandays' jokes et al, it just gives 24 hours power. The kind of power we give 'New Year', but without the positive side effects like resolutions.

So this little message is to say, it is all psychological. And if you conquer Monday, you can conquer the week, But remember, after all is said and done, each day is the same twenty four hours. Don't let one day ruin your week. Nor life.

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