#TMHowTo Rocking Black to Work withTosyn Bucknor and Metrogypsie

I'm teaming up with Metrogypsie for a #TMHowTo series.

Last week was all about black!

Black is like one of those cool guys in school that is up for anything.
You can dress it up, down, edgy, cool, plain, pop, loud or as quietly as you want.

My first job is on radio. Then after 11, it varies. I can do tv, write, consult, blog, or become 'CON.tra.diction' and go make some music.
I therefore like to dress 'prepared' because you never know.
The trick is to always have that one thing that jazzes your look up; colour, a hat or scarf, shorts etc.

Here are the five looks I rocked this week.

How to start the week? Feeling powerful and sexy!
TIP: Watch the stripes!
Vertical stripes can be bad for me but because these are really big stripes it works.

Dress: Amisu
Shoes: San Marina

Tuesday was my second favourite look from the week. I had a tv appearance after my radio show so threw on my signature shorts and hat.

Shorts: Promod
Watch: Daniel Wellington
Cuff: Yemi Alade Collection

A jump/playsuit is one item you should own but here's my little advise for when you wear it
- DON'T drink fluids!
Or at least not a lot. Going to pee in one of these babies is a hassle.
- CUT it short!
I wear jumpsuits (or the shorter equivalents, playsuits) on days I think will be short.


This was my favourite look from the week.
TIP: Check the knees!
When you wear a dress to work, ensure your dress length conforms with your work rules. When in doubt, go below the knee.

Dress: Mango
Shoes: Rivieras
Watch: Swatch

Radio to Music. I had a studio session after work so I was channeling my inner rockstar.
By the way, quick debate- is my shirt black with pink or blue with pink

Top: Promod
Shoes: Thandos

Check out for details of Metrogypsie's looks.

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